The world of children is often controlled by parents and teachers who watch them play, seeing only a silly child’s play. But if we look at their point of view with more of a psychological eye, they are portraying great men and women who break social restrictions to do the ultimate good in the world.

Suit up in costumes

Children’s imagination needs some starting elements from which they can create. With the incredible spread of superheroes on TV, cinema, in toy stores and, of course in comics, children more and more often pretend to save the world. Kids develop self-confidence and imagination with tools likeย Batman toys at Funtastic Toyย and become true storytellers. Imaginative play is undoubtedly a milestone in the education of children. Children start from a situation learned from specific characters which then, as the game progresses, evolve.ย 

One might be led to think that superheroes are exclusively male things but in reality, this is not the case. The super universe is full of heroines who are often stronger than their male counterparts. So we teach our children that in the game of superheroes and pretending in general, there are no gender differences.

Your little scientist

Little scientists grow up, starting right from the nest. Because it is never too early to stimulate children’s curiosity, push them to ask questions and help them find the right answers. Stimulate the natural predisposition of their curiosity by offering your kid child-friendly scientific experiments. Propose some simple experiments and involve the child in all phases.

In this activity, it is about mental attitude, not scientific results. For a child, it is very interesting and exciting to find out that water can have various forms or that oil poured into water floats. The goal is to educate children’s minds and not to take anything for granted. Ask yourself questions when you observe a phenomenon.

Play board games with kids

Board games for children are a wonderful way for the whole family to spend time in a fun and constructive way. Best games for kids are the ones that stimulate the imagination and help develop reflection skills. It requires speed, memory, imagination, cooperation, and strategy. Board games for children have strong educational value since they teach the child to respect the rules and other companions.

In a society strongly oriented towards video games and electronics, they continue to represent a pleasant pastime. On the market, you can find games of all kinds: from those for small children and preschoolers to those for teenagers.

1 on 1 time

Whatever you do, set aside at least 15 minutes each day for each child individually. Some days you do what your child wants, others what you want. During this time, give your child as much attention and love as possible.


The connection begins with listening. The habit of seeing things from your child’s perspective will help you treat him with respect. You will see the reasons why a child behaves in certain ways. Turn off all your gadgets when you are with your child. For the rest of your life, your child will remember if it was important enough for you to turn off your phone.

Proud nerd

If a child likes to write, play or do some other form of art/science, tell them that it is these interests that differentiate them from other children and make them special. Since every child has passions and talents, find those which will positively affect your childโ€™s confidence.

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