Whether you’re an experienced gamer or simply someone who enjoys the occasional board game battle or online gaming session, your house should reflect your playful spirit. Upgrading your space is a must if you want to enrich the gaming experience and create a fun place to hang out for yourself, your friends, and your family.

If you’ve seen any real gamers’ homes you’ll know that they spare no expense on furniture or technology to create a truly immersive at-home gaming experience. Looking to make some changes to your home? Want your play or media room to look incredible? Follow these tips and your home will be feeling like a real gamer’s home in no time.

Light Things Up

One of the most important elements of gaming is being able to see things clearly, while also striking the right mood. Finding the perfect lighting can help with both of these things, and turn a room from plain to insane (in a good way!) in a couple of seconds flat. Reducing screen glare is a practical example of how well-placed lighting can serve an important function.

Plus, while installing a strip of LED lights or plugging in a cool floor lamp takes next to no effort, the pay off is big. Try vintage or color-changing bulbs to really amp up the cool factor. When you walk into your gaming room it should feel like you’re entering another world, not just your spare office.

Consoles Galore

What is one thing a gamer’s home needs to have? Well, games, of course! Board games and computer games aside, beefing up your console inventory is a sure way to make your house feel like a true gaming home. If you’re happy with the consoles that you have, consider including some smaller or more novelty systems.

If you’re looking to add some real flair, old-school arcade games, pool tables, dartboards, and other unique gaming stations can add an additional element of interest to your space. Anyone who enters a room with so many games on display will be impressed, and with a wider variety of options, you will surely be able to offer entertainment for everyone.

Be Party Ready

One of the best things about gaming is that it was created just for fun! What better way to celebrate life and a love of games than to have game-oriented decorations at the ready? Deck out your house with game memorabilia, or perhaps stock your kitchen with beloved characters on dishware and utensils. A great way to incorporate games into your next celebration is to use decoration to your advantage. With so many fitting party themes to choose from (any game you’re a fan of will do), you can easily make sure that everything down to the napkins are blinged out in hyper-recognizable color pallets and designs. A real gamer loves to make their passions known, so every detail counts.

Seating Galore

A reality of playing games is that you are often sitting in the same spot for long periods of time. If your seating isn’t up to the task, this could make any serious attempts at gaming a real problem. No gamer should have to sacrifice their comfort- seating should add, not detract from, the gaming experience. To really elevate your home, consider investing in some good-quality gaming chairs. These will be adequately cushioned and should have superior back and head support.

If you’d like to really heighten your enjoyment, opt for a chair with built-in sound or movement features. It’s important that any gaming space has a plethora of seating options, so you may want to consider some fun add-ons like floor cushions or bean bags. These are great options as they are portable, and can be easily rearranged to accommodate most activities.

At the end of the day, games are fun activities to occupy your mind and share time with your loved ones. That being said, no one should have to settle for average decoration or mundane experiences. By switching up your light fixtures, adding an interesting mix of consoles, keeping party essentials on hand, and providing comfortable seating for all, your home will truly be transformed.

You don’t have to be a professional gamer or have a Hollywood budget to make things feel like the real deal. By making some of the swaps and additions listed above, you’re well on your way to having an official gamer’s dream house. Designing a space you love won’t just improve your gaming, it will improve your life!

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