If you are someone who loves indulging in a good cup of coffee, then you know what your coffee means to you. However, if you buy a cup of coffee specially brewed for you each day, it can add up to quite a huge amount, especially if you spend on artisan coffees and are in the habit of exploring different flavors and brews. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. This article will discuss how you can get into brewing your own coffee to save money and become a true coffee connoisseur.

Do Your Research

After deciding to brew your own coffee, the first thing you want to do is to read up on the different kinds of coffee available to you. There is a whole world of coffee brewing out there, each brew provides a distinct and unique flavor based on the roast level and the origin of the coffee grounds. After you have done your research and have narrowed down what coffee grounds and roast level appeal to you the most, it is time to experiment with the variety of flavors and notes you get from each blend of coffee.

Like cheeses and wines, coffee flavors cannot be lumped together and have many tastes depending on where they come from. A Columbian roast will be very different from normal arabica coffee beans. Once you have narrowed down what flavor of coffee appeals to your taste buds, it will be easier to explore similar blends and roast levels to amplify your coffee drinking experience.

How Do You Brew?

Brewing an exceptional cup of coffee is also contingent on picking the right brewing method for the coffee you have purchased. Even the best coffee beans in the world can be reduced to nothing if brewed improperly.

One increasingly popular type of brewing coffee is a cold brew which is different from an iced coffee and takes longer to make. Whole coffee beans that you grind yourself make for the best coffee for cold brew as freshly ground coffee beans provide a richer flavor as compared to pre-ground coffee. There are various types of brewing methods, most of which can be done at home with very little investment, which is great news for coffee enthusiasts looking to brew their own drinks.

Getting the Necessary Tools

The most common brewing methods include using a French Press, a drip coffee machine, or a Moka pot. These brewing methods will produce varying cups of coffee, some stronger than others. If you have purchased whole coffee beans, you will also need to invest in a good coffee grinder. The method you should use to grind your beans depends on the machine you use for brewing.

So depending on how strong you like your coffee, you should pick your brewing method. A French Press will make a strong and bold cup of coffee as the coffee grounds are in constant direct contact with the hot water, so for someone who is just starting off, we recommend starting with something lighter, like the Aeropress.

Track Your Preferences and Keep an Open Mind

When getting into brewing your own coffee, two things go hand in hand; taking notes of what coffee flavors and brewing methods work for you and keeping an open mind to try new blends that may seem eclectic but might surprise you with their taste. When you track your preferences and how they change, it is easier to navigate the vast world of coffee flavors and experiment with flavors and techniques that may not seem appealing to you at first.

Pay Attention to the Technicalities

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee could be seen as both an art and a science that requires you to engage all your senses; from the feel of the coffee beans to their aroma and then their taste. Making coffee is technical and requires precision in many things, especially when it comes to grinding your beans and measuring out how much coffee to use. The size of the grind has a great impact on the flavor of the coffee.

A cup of coffee made with a French Press from coarsely ground beans, for example, will be very different from that made using finely ground coffee or espresso. Hence, using the right grind with the right equipment is very important. It also goes without saying that using the incorrect amount of coffee may lead to either very bitter or very weak tasting coffee.

Brewing your own coffee may seem like a daunting task to undertake, but if you invest in the right products and do your research, making the perfect cup of coffee every day will be nothing more than child’s play. You just need some patience when trying it out. Keep an open mind and experiment with different beans and techniques and you will eventually find your rhythm.

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