The world of online gaming has become a lot more diverse than it was even ten years ago. Hundreds of betting options and thousands of slot machines available these days are guaranteed to suit everybody’s tastes. Some operators promote a few or even one gaming software provider, while sites like Amazon Slots offer just about everything that could be found on the online gaming market worldwide.

In this article, we shall briefly review three of the most outstanding video slots that have become the stars of the year 2022. All three games we have selected come from the most reputable providers, have exceptional artistic designs, advanced computer graphics and gripping plots, and offer competitive Return To Player rates too. But before we proceed, let us clarify what RTP stands for.

Return To Player Rate

Simply put, RTP indicates how much of your investments in a game you can expect to get back by playing it. Of course, we would, ideally, like to win some money while enjoying the plot and visual effects of the game. And a game’s RTP of, say, 80% says that players win back $80 out of every $100 they wager on it.

It is important to stress, though, that we are talking about a statistically average rate. That is, a game’s RTP is an arithmetic mean of all the returns from it to date. Some players get it, others get more than they invest (they win), yet some get nothing at all (they lose). If the game’s rate was 100%, and everybody got their money back, the casino would not make any profit at all.

In other words, a casino would like the rate to be as low as possible, while you obviously want the opposite, and the current compromise seems to have been fixed at 92-98%. As a general rule, most successful games these days offer an RTP of at least 93%, and there is definitely no need for you to go below 90%. There are lots of lovely games that do better than that.


The king of online gambling, NetEnt was established in Sweden twenty-five years ago, and it is now famous worldwide for its infinite list of games of the highest artistic and digital quality and some of the best RTP rates on the market. In addition, the plots of its games are just as gripping as their special effects, and all of them are available on PCs and mobile devices.

Mega Joker

With two sets instead of the traditional single one, each offering three reels, the equivalent number of rows and five paylines, this game is guaranteed to keep you up all night, multiplying your bets by the following number of times:

  • Lemon – 100
  • Cherry – 1,000
  • Mega Bell – 1,200
  • Mega+7 – 2,000

And as a cherry on top, its RTP is an impressive 99%.

Gonzo’s Quest

Fly to South America to play your way through the psychedelic jungle of the most fantastic visual and sound effects. The game’s five reels, three rows and as many as twenty paylines will add to the excitement of coming to grips with the most phantasmagoric storyline, and make sure you stay on track until you hit the Avalanche to get the biggest surprise of your life.

In addition, your multiplier will be building up over five consecutive wins, and a row of three Free Falls will increase your multiplier by 15 and give you ten free spins too. There is more to come, though, to keep your adrenalin pumping, and the 96.8% RTP will definitely add to the overall effect.


Having produced the first online gaming software nearly thirty years ago, this tiger has maintained a steady stream of gripping slots, bingo games and live poker dealers that come with generous bonuses and fat jackpots. Moreover, the number of games in its collection keeps growing by two per month, and they have already returned more than a billion dollars worldwide.

Mega Moolah

Despite its comparatively low RTP of 94%, this game remains the most popular as well as the most profitable video slot in the world. Its stunning tropical action, twenty-five paylines, competitive payouts and incredible jackpots keep millions of players riveted to their screens until they win over 200,000 coins with their free spins.

Play all the lines concurrently, betting at least 0.01 on each, and you might get a return of 11,250 times your bets. Apart from that, your ultimate dream in this game is to get:

  • 15,000 coins for Five Great Lions
  • 15 free spins for three scatters or a Funky Monkey
  • Up to 13 million dollars for four progressive jackpots

Final Word

This is just the tip of the iceberg that the two providers have to offer, and there are many other great developers as well. But even these three games will surely keep you oblivious to the world around you until COVID-19 leaves us for good.

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