Without high-quality and well-recommended vaping equipment, your overall experience when it comes to this favorite pastime could be seriously impacted. How you view vaping largely comes down to the types of equipment that you decide to use during your journey. From c cell carts and vape pens, these are just some pieces of equipment that you need to buy for your device.

To ensure that your vape is working at a high quality all the time, you need to know how to clean it. Just as you would clean your house when it starts to get dirty and not visually appealing, you should do the same with your vaping device too.

So, without further ado, let’s learn more about how to clean your vaping device.

When Should You Clean Your Vape?

You should decide to clean your device as often as you think is best. For some people, this could mean cleaning the device weekly, and for others, it could mean giving the device a thorough clean before changing to the flavor of e-juice that you want to try next. This is because you don’t want to compromise your tastebuds by still tasting the old flavor instead of the new one. It is also important to remember that there will be times when your vaporizer isn’t performing as well as you know it can. If this is the case, you may decide that your vape needs to undergo a thorough clean as this could make a significant difference to its output.

Cleaning Your Vape Tank

The primary use of the device’s tank is to hold the e-liquid that you wish to use and is typically combined with the atomizer to function as a single unit. Because your tank holds the e-liquid, you will find that if it isn’t cleaned properly, it is very likely that you will continue to taste the previous flavor instead of the recently inserted juice. Regardless of whether you decide to complete a simple rinse, or if you decide to go one step further and give your device a deep clean, you must clean your device frequently. Whichever option you decide to proceed with, dissembling the tank and washing it with either water and soap, or high-proof and nonflavoured vodka is something that you will have to do, as this helps to make sure that each component has had any leftover deposits removed.

Once you have completed the necessary steps, be sure to leave them to dry and then reassemble once ready. This should help to make sure that you can taste the flavors that you want to taste.

Should You Clean Your Vape Coil?

Your vape coil is a heating element that converts e-liquid into vapor and is an important cog in the vaping process, and at some point, this vital part will need to be replaced. If you’re new to the world of vaping, you won’t be aware of the fact that if you clean your coils, they could burn out and affect your vape device further. And this is something that you don’t want to happen. Like the tank, the coil is also known to make a significant difference to the flavor of your e-juice, and the more you vape, the more you’ll need to change your coil. When the time comes for you to replace your coil, be sure to do this as soon as possible to ensure that you can have full use of your vape and the flavors you are expected to taste as a result.

Before you change your coil, you should make sure that it is damaged enough first before deciding to replace an undamaged part of your device. For example, if it is visually dark, crusted, or damaged, you are experiencing a “burnt” taste even after you have cleaned your device, your automizer is leaking, or your vapor production has decreased, are all signs that your coil needs to be replaced. So, you should make sure that you do this as soon as possible.

Maintaining your vaping device as best as you can is helping to increase its lifespan. Whilst it is still important that you take the time to clean your device thoroughly and as often as is required, focusing on its maintenance is also something worth considering when you want your device to last for as long as possible.

By doing this, you will soon see the benefits and your overall vaping experience can be a positive one.

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