The internet is one of the most revolutionary tools that humans have created. It’s up there with the printing press, car, and the assembly line in how much it has radically changed the way we live, work and relax.

It allows us to work from wherever we are, buy everything from groceries to a new home from the comfort of our sofa, as well as start a business, trade with people on the other side of the globe, and stream just about any movie, television show or song that we could ever want.

The internet has also allowed us to learn just about anything you can think of, from how to build a website to the history of the United States. But it can also be used for more practical skills that you might need outside of your work or studies. Here are some of the best.

How to Change Your Wiper Blades

Around two-thirds of the entire US population has a driving license, with it being the most common mode of transport for those commuting to work. Yet, most people don’t know how to perform simple tasks to maintain their car.

According to Fox News, a study of 2,000 US car owners found that around 25% of them believe their car is “in need of repair” and that driving it is “taking a risk”. The same study found that most didn’t know how to perform simple tasks like changing a tire or buying the correct oil. Worryingly, 41% couldn’t even point to their engine when looking under the hood!

48% were confident that they would replace the wipers on their windshield, but this left 52% at least unsure to some degree.

Thankfully, they’re easy to do, and you can find plenty of tutorials online that will show you how to do it. The same applies to changing car light bulbs, replacing a fuse, changing the oil, or just about any other part of your car. Just search YouTube or Google and you’ll find answers specific to your individual ride.

How to Play Cards

Have you ever been with friends or another group of people and someone’s pulled out a deck of cards? The answer is almost certainly yes. Often, a conversation usually follows as people ask which games everyone knows how to play, along with the negotiation of which one to choose.

Even having a basic grasp of how to play poker and other common card games can save you a lot of embarrassment and give you the upper hand in situations like this. Thankfully, there are plenty of sites that can teach you the basics, such as the value of each hand, betting rounds, and other simple mechanics. Many will even let you play for free so that you can practice beforehand.

How to Remove Stubborn Stains

We’ve all done it – eating risky foods like tomato sauces, curries, and smoothies believing we’re skilled enough to not spill any. But then it all goes wrong with an erroneous blob of bolognese or bhuna landing on your white shirt.

While your washing machine is good enough to get out most stubborn stains, there’s always some that manage to cling on to the fibers of your favorite frock.

Thankfully, you aren’t the first person to suffer this plight, and you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks that will let you shift even the most belligerent of marks. Most will be using household items you’ve almost certainly got in your kitchen, such as vinegar, baking soda, and meat tenderizer.

Just search on Google for tips on how to remove stains made by that particular thing and you’ll have it cleared in no time.

How to Cook

Cooking is an important skill to have. You don’t just need it to stay alive either. Knowing how to rustle up a few tasty dishes means you won’t be stuck eating the same bland meals every day and will give you the opportunity to impress your guests when they come round for dinner.

Girl cooking at home

Of course, recipe books have been around for centuries, but now you can find instructions on how to cook popular and obscure dishes from just about every cuisine around the world on the internet. You’ll also find tips on how to bake plenty of tasty treats like cakes, cookies, and pastries.

And if you need help with basic techniques like chopping and frying, then you can find step-by-step guides on sites like YouTube. As you can see, there’s plenty of useful skills you can learn at home these days.

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