Paint by numbers is a great, relaxing, and artistic activity that can be done by anyone at any age. Paint by numbers is a big canvas and number code in which you need to paint in the right order and color in each numbered square in the grid to create a beautiful finished painting. It is an art form that has been around since at least 1949 when Max S. Klein used it as a teaching tool for children who had trouble with other forms of art. Since then, it has gained popularity and is now most famously used by millions of Americans on their annual state license plate. However, starting to paint by numbers can be a little tricky. These tips below will get you started to help you paint with numbers.

Keep Your Canvas Sturdy

Your canvas is going to need to stay in place and not slide around while you fill it in. Most paint by numbers kits provides heavy paper that can be taped directly to the paint tray or even screwed into a wall if you want something more firm. People tend to have trouble with their canvas a lot which is why painting online is quickly becoming an exciting option. The team at has a painting by number kits that make it easy for you to start painting. The templates are easy to use and come with several different options too. Many people are intimidated by paint by numbers because they haven’t done it before or consider themselves to not be artistic enough to take on the task. However, everyone is able to paint by numbers no matter what age they are or how much art experience they have. It’s all about following the numbers and putting in the right colors.

Start With a Smaller Piece of Work

One of the most important tips for painting by number is to remember that you must always paint your first square or circle in order to get the rest of the number grid in place. Start this step by using a pencil and drawing out where each and every square will be located and what color it will be. When you first start, it’s best to start with a smaller piece rather than going straight for a large-sized painting. This is because paint by numbers takes time and while experienced painters might be able to complete a painting within days, it might take newbie weeks. Plus, if you start with a smaller painting and aren’t happy with the outcome, you won’t be out of a lot of money since paint by numbers is relatively inexpensive.

Paint Thoughtfully

Some people make the mistake of placing one number in each of its corresponding squares without any thought behind why they are doing it. It’s important that you paint by numbers mindfully giving each section close attention. If you always start at the top left of the number grid and move your way across horizontally, you will always get the same results. In order to get a painting with more depth, try starting at the top left and moving diagonally down to the right side. This is an easy tip that makes all the difference when it comes to making your paint by numbers pieces look like an artistic hobby rather than a child’s painting.

Learn Your Colors

It is very important that when you are filling colors in, you are using the correct one. You should always take your time to learn the colors in your paint by numbers kit before you begin. This will make it much easier on you if you are stuck with a color that is not already painted in.  Some new painters get stuck with this and end up running out of paint because they don’t understand what color it is that they need. There are some simple tricks to learning your different colors such as using a computer online or smartphone and looking at each shade of browns, reds, and blues, and knowing what they look like instantly.

Painting by numbers can be a little difficult at first, but with practice and following these tips, anyone will be able to paint like an expert in no time. There are some sites that sell painting kits online, so try that out! This hobby is a great way for families and friends to create art together. Once you learn how to paint with numbers, it becomes something you can find fun and enjoyable.

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