Every girl dreams of their wedding day since childhood. When we see pretty brides walking on the aisle looking stunning, we picture ourselves in the same scenario in a magical dress. When finally that special day dawns on us we are more than excited to get the dress done prior to anything. We swift through catalogs with models in exotic lace dresses and we want the exact same looks. However, you must know that there are thorns in the rose bushes. It is important to try wedding dresses and see how it fits you. You can try Avery Austin’s wedding dresses at home for your convenience. Every dress may seem wonderful, but not all would look beautiful on you. In fact – brace for the truth – your dream dress may not even look so stunning on you.

When it comes to a wedding dress fitting, body judgments are quite common. But you must know that your body shape has nothing to worry about. As long as you’re healthy, that’s all that matters. So let’s take a look.

The Pear-shaped figure

This is one of the most common body shapes in the present day. While your chest isn’t quite prominent, your hips-below are your highlight. In this case, opt for an A-Line/Wide neckline ball gown with detailed bodice so the attention is drawn upwards. However, if you like to flaunt your hips, you could choose a dress that fits tightly around your waist.

The Petite Body 

This is the second most common body shape. If your height is below 5’4 and you’re referred to as an ‘XS’, ‘S’, or ‘M’, you’ll probably be a Petite bride. Shopping dresses for a petite may seem easy, but it’s not. The perfect dress type would be an A-Line, as it highlights the smaller figure while complimenting the waist and bust. If you’re towards the shorter side, opt for a V-neck for a better look.

The Hourglass Figure

This is quite rare to find. If you have a killer body shape like Sofia Vergara, you ought to show it off, at least on your special day. The best dress for such a figure is the Mermaid Gown with flaring below the knee. Many conservatives avoid this style as it highlights all the curves from the contour of the chest to thighs. But if you like it, go for it!

The Plus-Size Figure

If you’re a plus-size in nature, there’s no reason for you to take criticism. Plus size body shapes can totally rock in an A-Line Drop waist or a Ball Gown with flares below the waist so you’ll look and feel like a princess without really giving unnecessary attention to the waist and hip area while complimenting the bust.


The advice given should not deviate from your dream bridal dress goal. But picking the right dress is all in your hands. Believe us, dress shops would try to sell you anything that has a massive price tag on it, but make sure you do your own research, learn about your body, what you really want, and go with your gut feeling.

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