Planning to upgrade your home to a vacation rental? Figuring out what parts of your property need work can prove challenging, especially as you likely already love your house just the way it is. However, people on holiday demand a bit more from their rental properties – so to help you get started, here are 4 improvement ideas for you to consider.

1. Update Your Kitchen Appliances

While guests won’t expect top-of-the-line, brand new appliances, they will prefer rentals that have all the basics, as well as a few additions that will make their day easier, such as a dishwasher. Some kitchen appliances necessary for your property include a coffee maker, a toaster, a microwave, and a blender. If you already have the appliances you need for the property, you should consider whether they need to be updated or repaired.

Updating your kitchen appliances will make your guests more comfortable staying at your home, as they’ll be confident the appliances function properly and are safe to use. Additionally, the update could work out well for you in the long term if you invest in energy-efficient appliances that will save you money on utility bills.

2. Add Value to Your Property

Adding certain details and structures to your home, allows you to increase its value in terms of how much you charge, and also entices potential tenants to single out your place. The key is to make additions that look attractive and also have a practical function that not many other homes have in your area.

This can be anything from a deck, a pool, or even a shed. If we take Texas as an example, you’ll find that if you find a reliable retail center, they can actually help you figure out what’s needed.  According to the details provided by Tyler Texas vacation cabins, sheds are extremely practical and it’s something you can add to your backyard. Not only does this increase your storage space, but also increases the value of your property.

3. Think Things Through

Look around you and determine what items on your property can break most easily. Even if your vacation rental isn’t pet-friendly, there’s every chance a child or even a clumsy adult could break something. Get rid of everything that is breakable and/or sentimental and replace it with things that are less likely to sustain long-term damage.

4. Hire a Cleaning Service

While guests don’t expect you to have the amenities of a hotel, they do expect to walk into a clean property when they arrive at their vacation rental. To make sure your home is ready to welcome guests, hire a cleaning service between tenants. They’ll make sure the tubs, counters, and everything in between are shining before the next renters walk in, allowing you to put your best foot forward with every round of guests you welcome into your property.

Changing a beloved home into a vacation rental can be challenging, especially as it often requires you to depersonalize the home you have spent years lovingly curating. However, with these tips, you’ll have your new vacation rental up and running in no time and will be able to enjoy all the 5-star reviews rolling in!

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