If you are a motorist, then you know that accidents happen every day, even with the best preventative measures in place. Nevertheless, there are always ways that you can avoid a bad road, driving in bad weather, or avoiding the steering when you’ve had one too many. The same cannot be said if you are driving on a highway filled with trucks. Did you know that an eighteen-wheeler’s side mirror has a blind spot? This means that you need to be extra cautious (and this will be explained later) when overtaking a truck. For more on this, here’s how to avoid an accident with a truck.

Stay On Your Lane

Truck accidents have been on the rise. Even with strict traffic laws, there are still accidents involving trucks. These are huge vehicles, some carrying a heavy load. You’ll want to steer clear out of their way or they’ll squash your car. While truck drivers have been known to be disciplined, they are still humans driving more tons than you are. You have these experienced attorneys from https://www.sumnerlawgroup.com/truck-accident-lawyer/ who insistently suggest that car accidents involving trucks will have more casualties than usual. But if you are ever involved in such a situation, lawyer up as you could be compensated for your injuries or the damages caused to your vehicle. A truck driver who has been found negligent will not go unpunished in whatever state. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure that you are fairly compensated:

  • Contact your insurance provider
  • Call an emergency number to ensure that you and your passengers’ injuries are taken care of
  • Document the accident by ensuring that you have the police accident report, driver information, the truck’s insurance information
  • Witness information
  • Clear pictures from the scene of the accident

These are some of the things that could help increase your chances of fair compensation. Also, do not forget to get the other driver’s information including their license number and contacts.

Avoid The Truck’s Blind Spots

Unlike a small car that has a clear view when looking at either side of the side mirrors, trucks have specific areas along their long bodies known as blind spots. These will include half of the trailer’s length on the driver’s side from behind. It’s for this reason that you should be on your lane unless you need to overtake, but be extra cautious.

Be Kind

A truck driver has a lot of things to be mindful of. They carry a huge load on a big truck, they have to check on safety issues, traffic, and of course, their own lives. This is a huge burden to bear on one man’s shoulder. Be kind to them while on the road as it could turn ugly.

Do Not Be A Distraction

If you are driving a smaller car, ensure that you dim your lights when overtaking a truck or passing by one. This will help to ensure that the driver in the truck has a clear view of your car. Additionally, do not block a truck’s path. They don’t stop easily as it might seem easy for a smaller car. These are some of the ways that could cause a major accident on the road.

Use Your Driver’s Training Lessons

As a motorist, an instructor must have passed some driving wisdom to you on how to deal with either rude truck drivers or how to handle dangerous situations when it comes to trucks. Such might include the points mentioned above. But most importantly, taking caution will be your first line of defense. There are trailers, semi-trailers, and tractors pulling a trailer on the highways. While they could be slow, they might pose great danger to smaller cars and if you are not careful, you might be an accident statistic.

Ensure To read Road Signs

There are road signs that indicate that heavy trucks are turning ahead. Additionally, stop signs, and other traffic signs are there for a good reason. Ensure that you are, while on your way to work or going for errands, that you take note of these signs. It will help avoid collisions with trucks or being a distraction on the road.

The above are some of the ways you can avoid a collision with a truck. Remember, these are monsters on the highways and by any means, should be avoided. You are responsible for the passengers in your car and your life as well. Be mindful of the other motorists as well and it shall be well with you. Safe driving everyone!

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