The life of each of us is overwhelmed with various problems. To successfully cope with nervous tension, it is worth having a good rest in your free time. Tours to Chernobyl are an excellent solution if you want to spend your vacation in a calm atmosphere, in unity with nature, and see some new, unusual locations. As strange as it may sound, radiation gives peace of mind.

What emotions do you experience during Tours to Chernobyl?

Chernobyl tours are top-rated now. Many people who have visited the Exclusion Zone at least once come back here again and again. It is largely because you are experiencing incredible emotions that cannot be compared with anything you experienced before.

So, after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, all residents of the surrounding towns and villages were evacuated, and the houses were left empty. The whole area is densely overgrown with trees, and wild animals are walking. As a result, the Pripyat tour delivers incredible energy that cannot be compared to anything else.

Many people believe that perfect silence should reign in the Exclusion Zone, but this is far from the case. Due to the prolonged absence of man, nature began to take its actions. Today it is an unusual nature reserve, home to a vast population of wild animals and birds. In general, the entire territory sounds like a giant forest: trees rustle, birds sing, and sometimes the call of wild animals is heard in the distance. Here lives the largest herd of Przewalski’s horses in Ukraine, and it is an absolute pleasure to see these beautiful animals in the wild.

Even though the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident became one of the biggest tragedies of the late 20th century, visiting the 30-kilometer zone becomes an opportunity for many people to calm down and find peace of mind. There are times when a person comes down with depression and quickly forgets about the existing problems. 

Separately, it should be said that a visit to Chernobyl tours safe. These include visits to places such as:

  • The city of Pripyat
  • City school
  • Swimming pool “Azure”
  • Amusement park and others.

At these locations, the radiation level is about the same as in large cities. Chernobyl tours from Kiev are the safest today because, for the whole day in the Exclusion Zone, a person receives the same share of radiation as during a two-hour flight.

Tours to Chernobyl: how much does the trip cost?

Tours to Chernobyl today are pretty diverse. There are formed tourist routes that you can see as part of a group excursion. It is the most budgetary option that everyone can afford. You can order an individual program if you want to see more exclusive locations or have a personal guide. It costs a little more, but you can get a lot more positive emotions and protect yourself from the crowds of tourists who will interfere with enjoying nature.

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