If you own a car, chances are that you spend a significant amount of time commuting or traveling in it. What makes our regular commutes and travel experiences delightful is the music that we listen to in our cars. However, if you take your car out and find that the quality of speakers has gotten terrible or somehow you’ve started noticing the various issues with it, the experience is nearly ruined. This is the importance of good music and a proper audio system in our cars and the enthusiasts want their music to sound as best as it could. You don’t need to worry if you think you need an upgrade as there are a lot of options for you to choose from. You can choose a new set of tweeters, woofers, or dash speakers to change the overall experience.

We’re going to look at the various ways in which you can install new speakers in your car. You won’t need to break the bank or do any rocket science course either, the process is pretty straightforward to do yourself. If you’re worried about your lack of technical skills then don’t be afraid, there are many many online manuals that you can find online like manualsnet.com that can help you with step by step process on how to install your speakers, so don’t start out nervous. With those manuals, everybody becomes a pro at fixing their speakers themselves. So let’s get to it and find out what all you can do to install the speakers in your precious car.

1. The Different Types of Installations

First and foremost, you’ll have to decide the type of installation you’re going for. Some speakers might fit directly into the factory brackets and for some others, you might need to use custom fabricated mounting brackets. However, you don’t need to worry about these custom fittings as you can easily purchase these from different sources and they’ll fit your vehicle in an exact fashion. Be ready to sacrifice a little bit of your car’s originality as you might need to drill some holes, cut some areas, file the other areas, and make space for your new speakers. Usually, the component woofers can easily be installed at factory locations but the things like tweeters require a customized mounting solution.

2. Choosing the Right Speakers

The most important step in installing any speakers is to decide which speakers you want to go with. The different brands, sizes, shapes, and even materials can greatly influence the sound output of a speaker. Most people choose speakers based on their sizes and the volume output of the speakers. A 9-inch speaker will usually be less powerful than the 12-inch speakers showcased here, you can keep on increasing the sizes to an unrealistic limit but you should be cautious about the space they’ll take in your car. The best advice would be to choose speakers based on their clarity and the reliability of the brand. Size might not always be the best criteria for choosing speakers which is why you should rely more on the actual sound quality itself.

3. Understanding the Types of Speakers

Something that’s even more important than the size and brand of a speaker is the type of speaker you want. The different speaker types are designed with the needs and use a case in mind. A tweeter is usually used to produce high-frequency sounds and it’s relatively tiny in size when compared to other larger speakers. A driver is a mid-oriented speaker that enhances the fullness of your sound and makes the music seem more alive. A woofer is a low-range speaker which is used to produce lower frequency sounds while still covering other ranges of the sound spectrum as well. Then comes the subwoofer, which is a very low range speaker that’s responsible for the thump you hear in music, it provides bass to the music and creates the ambiance of the music. So choose these speakers according to your taste and you’ll arrive at a happy mix of speakers that coordinate their jobs well.

These were some of the tips that you should remember while installing new speakers in your car. Following these steps will ensure that you don’t make a mistake while selecting and installing your speakers. Once you have the required equipment, you can start gathering some basic tools which can easily be found around the house. Installing speakers is no brain surgery or rocket science and you’ll be able to better accomplish your goals if you just pay attention while selecting the speakers. There’s not much you can do while installing the speakers as it has to be done a certain way but what you can actually do is choose the proper sized and right type of speakers to make sure that you get the best sound quality possible.

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