Going to college is a dream come true for many people. They get to stay far away from home (on most occasions) while at the same time meeting, forming friendships and living with new people from diverse backgrounds! However, while all this is certainly appealing, college is by no means easy โ€˜financiallyโ€™ for most people (apart from the wealthy of course). Students have to manage their finances strictly both when it comes to school work as well as for social outings. As such, itโ€™s imperative that students learn a way or two of earning some extra cash to cover up for unexpected small expenses or to buy that trending dress.


One of the easiest ways that students can make some extra cash for themselves is through gaming. Gaming at college is pretty easy thanks to one factor i.e. free internet. Most if not all colleges offer free internet to students be it Wi-Fi or Dial-Up. While the college offers free internet solely for academic purposes, students can โ€˜bend the rulesโ€™ slightly and use the free internet to visit legit gaming sites such as NetBet where they can play different casino games of their choice and in return, stand to earn some excellent rewards. There are different casino games for different players, therefore, each student will definitely find one game that suits him whether itโ€™s a chance based game or a skill based game.

Delivering Pizza

Another cool way of earning some extra cash for college students is looking for delivery jobs. The best delivery job out there for college students is delivering pizza. Delivering pizza is great for a college student because, in addition to earning an hourly wage (as itโ€™s the most common way in which pizza companies pay), you also stand to benefit from the tips that you receive from time to time. The only downside of this side hustle is that students need to know their surroundings so international students may find this hustle a bit overwhelming.

Donate Plasma or Blood

Another great way in which college students can earn some extra cash is through donating plasma or blood. Generally speaking, it takes 30 minutes on average to donate blood while it takes an hour and 30 minutes on average to donate plasma. For every pint, you donate you receive a reasonable amount of money. In order to start donating plasma or blood, all you need to do is to visit the nearest Red Cross centre or the national blood company near you. In addition to earning some few dollars, you will also be helping meet a critical need. Just remember that you need to take lots of juices and water after the exercise in order to replenish the blood.

Participate in Medical or Consumer Research

Organisations know that many college students are on the lookout for ways in which to make extra cash, therefore, they prioritise college students when conducting their researches. Take advantage of these researches to earn yourself some cool bucks. Researches come in different forms, some require you to give you feedback after reviewing or using a certain product while others require you to partake in clinical trials. Just choose what you are comfortable with and start making your money.

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