Nestled in the heart of New York City, Brooklyn is a bustling district that consists of 38 neighborhoods. If you’re looking to live in the greatest city on the planet, look no further than Brooklyn –– each neighborhood offers you different perks that can help you lead your ideal lifestyle. In the list below, we collaborated with this award winning Brooklyn property management company to count down Brooklyn’s eight nicest neighborhoods to live in.

8. The Cultural One –– Fort Greene

Fort Greene, Brooklyn is the art enthusiasts’ safe haven. A rising neighborhood of Brooklyn, Fort Greene is famous for its culture and its impeccable arts community, and it also boasts a wonderful culinary scene. It is home to hipsters and foodies alike, you may also find refined art appreciators right next door. It’s no wonder either –– Fort Greene is home to numerous historical buildings and much of its streets are lined with houses from the 19th century.

If you’re a parent, Fort Greene is right up your alley as it features excellent schools, well-connected transport systems, and beautiful parks for your recreational Sunday morning walks.

7. The Hollywood One — Manhattan Beach

For those with plenty of cash to spare, Manhattan Beach will be a perfect home. Boasting a coastline view, Manhattan Beach is one of the more costly neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Most homes are private property houses with backyards to boot, and some of these mansions are straight out of a Hollywood film.

Those wanting to spend more for their child’s education can look no further, as Manhattan Beach has many top schools near the area too. If you’re looking to build a home in Manhattan Beach, expect to be welcomed into a wider community as well –– the families here are very well-acquainted with each other, making it one of the safest places to reside in Brooklyn.

The only downside to staying here is its lack of shopping choices. But if you’re staying in Manhattan Beach, chances are, you own a car or maybe even two. All it takes is a short drive to the outskirts of Manhattan Beach to hit the bigger malls.

6. The One with a Village Vibe –– Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay, Southern Brooklyn is situated right next to the Atlantic Ocean, and it is perfect for retirees. With an older community, Sheepshead Bay is an increasingly diverse neighborhood that suits those who are looking for coastal life. Sheepshead Bay provides a quiet lifestyle, making it feel like a village more than a neighborhood in a bustling city. It’s more affordable to live in Sheepshead Bay than any other neighborhood in Brooklyn and it has plenty of dining out options, which appeals to retirees and families.

5. The One with Lots of Space –– Canarsie

Big families or adults who need a lot of space should look no further than Canarsie. Home to numerous spacious houses, many of which come with their own parking spaces off-street, Canarsie is a quiet, warm and neighborly area in Brooklyn. Despite its large houses, Canarsie is still a rather affordable part of Brooklyn and has many amenities such as spacious parks that suit those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

4. The Affordable One –– Cypress Hills

Cypress Hills is probably the most wallet-friendly neighborhood when it comes to Brooklyn, as buying and renting a house is way cheaper than anywhere else in Brooklyn. What’s more, the cost of living is a lot lower than in other Brooklyn neighborhoods. Transport systems here, as well as the recreational spaces, are incredible, so Cypress Hills is a pretty good place to stay for those who frequently commute to other places in New York for work. The only disadvantage about staying in Cypress Hills is probably parking as you’re likely going to have a hard time finding a parking space anywhere.

3. The One with the Waters –– Brighton Beach

A huge Russian community resides in Brighton Beach and as a result, there are many Russian food places in this Brooklyn neighborhood. For those who love the beach, Brighton Beach is the ideal place to live. Housing is affordable too –– you can get a co-op for prices as low as $200,000! Those who prefer a grand lifestyle can consider the gorgeous mansions lining the waterfront. Needless to say, Brighton Beach provides a rather diverse range of housing options.

2. The Safest One –– Dyker Heights

Situated in southwest Brooklyn, Dyker Heights offers some of the more spectacular properties in the Big Apple. In this small-town suburb, residents enjoy a sense of community and snug safety. Dyker Heights is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Brooklyn, consisting of a large Italian community, as well as Chinese, Lebanese and Greek diaspora. You’ll never run out of food options here as Dyker Heights also features diverse food cultures. Golfers will find Dyker Heights rather charming as it is home to an impressive 18-hole golf course!

1. The One With Everything –– Williamsburg

Williamsburg might be one of the more expensive places to live in Brooklyn, but trust us when we say that you get a pretty good bang for your buck considering the amenities it boasts. Its impeccable urban planning means that you can pretty much walk everywhere –– and you’ll be leading a much more active lifestyle than before when you go on foot.

If you’re someone looking to start your career, or someone looking to raise a family, look no further as Williamsburg is where most young professionals and families flock to when they are putting their roots in Brooklyn. Williamsburg also has beautiful outdoor spaces for you to explore, most notably McCarren Park. If you’re worried about the price tag attached to living here, we recommend staying in an apartment with your friends, as most houses here cost up to a million.


Where you choose to live in Brooklyn largely depends on your needs and your preferred lifestyle. Ask yourself –– what is one aspect of life that you simply cannot live without? If your answer is safety, consider building a home in Dyker Heights, but if your answer is culture, why not move into a charming apartment in Fort Greene? No matter where you decide to reside in Brooklyn, we hope our list has been useful in helping you choose the right neighborhood for you in the best districts in New York.

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