Gaming is always fun,  but it gets even more exciting when you get to play a mini game inside your favorite game. Streetfighter was famous for its bonus levels, which gave you a chance to smash up barrels or a car instead of an opponent. When your favorite video game includes mini casino games as a relaxation method in between the action, it’s even better.

It’s hardly surprising to see so many mini casino breaks in video games. The two concepts go well together. Online casino games can have a storytelling line, so they will fit well into any main plot.

How about a list of the best mini casino slot machines in video games?

Top Video Games with Mini Casino Games

1. Casino Setting in Fallout New Vegas

We’ll start with the most impressive video role-playing video game that involves casino bonuses. It all happens in a post-apocalyptic world. The futuristic setting is balanced with retro elements from Las Vegas, so everything looks more real. Imagine a great war between China and the USA, resulting in the use of nuclear weapons. After the destruction, the USA is hit by plagues, greed, and control in the wrong hands.

As a player, you’re the Courier. Your job is to travel to New Vegas to deliver an important package. You won’t do that without struggling along the way, especially if you prefer Hardcore as an optional setting.

Since Las Vegas is included in the main theme, gambling is an essential addition to the gameplay. You’ll see plenty of casinos in the setting, with different games to explore. These are low deposit casinos, which help you win money that boost your efficiency. The floor managers will also treat you with food and drink after a win, so that helps you to restore your health. In addition to slots, you can also play roulette and blackjack.

2. Casino Games in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA is one of the most popular action-adventure games developed in a series. GTA: San Andreas was released in 2004 as part of the main series for PlayStation 2. Many reviewers list it as one of the greatest gaming stories ever. It’s all about the adventurous setting with a healthy dose of realism in it. 

Carl Johnson, the main character, got back to Los Santos – a city full of corruption, drugs, and gang issues. Corrupt cops frame Carl for murder, so he starts driving through the state of San Andreas, in an attempt to bring justice back on the streets.

Gambling fits perfectly well into the setting. When Carl gets to Las Venturas (a city based on Las Vegas), he gets to play video poker, wheel of fortune, slots, and blackjack. With free spins bonus codes, the players get a chance to play more casino play, win more money, and use them to advance their gameplay.

3. Optional Casino Breaks in Watchdogs

As soon as Watchdogs was released, the hype started. Many gamers were hesitant to try it. The gaming culture has something against releases that go mainstream. But Watchdogs deserved all the hype it got, and more.

The setting is Chicago in 2013, but in a fictionalized version. Up to 8 players collaborate and compete to move through the stages. You’re playing the game through Aiden Pearce in a third-person concept. Aiden uses his smartphone for everything: access and empty people’s bank accounts, infiltrate security systems, control traffic lights and trains, and hack different systems by solving puzzles.

Mini casino breaks are optional throughout the gameplay. For most players, that’s where the biggest appeal is. It’s like playing in an online casino with $10 min deposit during work breaks – you get a thrill, you relax from all that stress, and you win some money that boosts your stamina to continue with daily challenges. Aiden gets that through casino breaks from the main action.

4. Fortune-telling Cards in Final Fantasy VIII

Is there a passionate gamer who hasn’t enjoyed the Final Fantasy series? It’s a classic, and it provides countless hours of action-filled gameplay. Final Fantasy VIII was released back in 1999, and it’s still fun to play. Currently, PlayStation offers the Remastered version for an affordable price.

The plot of this chapter involves a mini gambling game called Triple Triad. According to the storyline, Orlan the psychic developed tarot cards for gambling, which soldiers started using for entertainment in between battles. Each region in the game created its own variation of Triple Triad.

In essence, this is a minimum deposit casino game with fortune-telling cards. It has specific rules, which vary from region to region.

5. Your Own Casino in The Sims 3

The Sims is all about mini play inside the main storyline. Its third sequel was released in 2009, and it received nothing but praise in the gaming community. The best thing about this game is that you get to control the fate of fictional characters through their actions. If you decide to make someone a gambler, you don’t have to feel guilty about it. It’s just a character, after all.

The casino in Sims 3 is offered as an add-on. When you purchase it, you can enjoy blackjack, roulette, slots, and poker through your character. It works just like an online casino, but without real money involved.

As a player, you can also build your own casino. That puts you in a superior position; you can choose the building’s architecture and the games that you’ll feature. The Sims is all about building and bringing something new into the communities. It’s nice to introduce some gambling action into the mix.

It’s All About Having Fun

The intriguing gameplay and complex storylines of modern video games impose the need for a break. Mini games within video games offer such a chance. Instead of turning the console or computer off, you can play a game of cards before you’re ready to go back to action. In most cases, your character will benefit from winnings, which you can use to buy items that boost their effectiveness.

All games in the list above incorporate casino games in unique ways. They work perfectly well in the storylines, and they add to the excitement that a player gets.

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