There’s nothing quite more exhilarating than packing up the bare necessities and gallivanting out into the wide-open world. This planet can be a playground if you let it—-but its obstacles come with more challenges than a jungle gym, so preparation is key for optimal enjoyment. This article will discuss all the most important assets any adventurer should have to ensure a smooth trip.

Camelbak Water Bottle

Whether you’re hiking the Appalachians or following your favorite band during festival season—-the number one necessity is water. Hydration becomes increasingly important when physical activity and the sun are involved, and the Camelbak is a common survival tool that you might hear about over at It doesn’t matter if you’re trekking uphill or dancing in a field under the July sun—-the Camelbak will always have your back because it literally straps to your back and offers easily accessible water (through a straw!) that you won’t have to stuff in a backpack or carry by hand.


Whatever you carry with you and whatever you take home will first have to pass through one of the most pinnacle gear items on this list—-the backpack. Especially if you’re an avid hiker, or are backpacking through various countries, the backpack could make or break the trip. Usually, your choice will be dependent on the adventure. The longer the distance traveled by foot, the lighter the bag needs to be. The next point worth examining on your pack prospects are the various features it offers, with suspension and weather resistance taking priority.


Before you take on the wild, wild wilderness, learn how to use a compass. When your phone dies, and you’re lost with no hope in sight, the compass is what will guide you back to camp. Compasses these days will most likely come with more features than one. The most popular compasses will typically be accompanied by things like a whistle, lanyard, or magnifying glass. Pick a compass with features you think would be most useful to your adventure.


A hammock can be the cherry on top of every great scenery, or it can cause sleepless nights. So, it’s vital that you choose a hammock that will not only be easy to assemble but also one that fits the places you’ll be traveling. The inflatable hammock, specifically the WindPouch, is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that it requires no trees, heavy metal beams, or instruction manual to be assembled, and it only weighs a couple of pounds. There are many options for a hammock, and finding one that suits your trip and your personal preferences is key.

Specialty Shoes

Whether you are white water rafting, hiking, cross-country running, or schmoozing with city folk, it’s crucial that your shoe game is on point. Making a trip itinerary is a step that will help you decide on what shoes you need for each step of your trip. Shoes might be one of the heaviest and space-consuming items you bring with you, so choose wisely.

Survival Bracelet

Survival isn’t something you tend to associate with jewelry, but like technology, accessories are ever-evolving and finding new ways to appeal to different audiences. One of the newest and most accommodating articles of clothing are survival bracelets. These can be used for anything from replacing torn shoelaces to making a tourniquet. It’s crazy to think that the difference between life or death could be what you’re sporting on your wrist, but no one will be laughing when you save the day.

Solar Power Bank

One of your best friends when traveling are the electronic devices that will help keep you safe. While most are taking a break from devices when going on a trip, many need them for safety purposes at the very least. But of course, finding a place to charge up might not always be possible. That’s why you need an option for electricity that doesn’t require anything but the sun’s precious rays. The solar-powered power bank is the most reliable source of technology you’ll have with you on your next adventure.

Fanny Pack

Just the name alone might make most people giggle. In spite of often being associated with dads who wear socks with sandals, this accessory is one of the safest options for carrying important items such as your wallet, passport, and phone. Since it straps to the front with a placement that allows you to rest your hand comfortably on top, you won’t have to worry about being pickpocketed when you’re wandering in big, unfamiliar cities. You may look like a tourist, but you didn’t pack like one.

This list could go on for days, but if you can check off even a couple of these, your next adventure is sure to go smoother. Always remember to travel in numbers when you can and to notify family or friends of where you’re going before you set off.

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