Without a doubt, falling in love is among the most satisfying experiences you will have in this world. So what do you do when you find the love of your life? Once you are sure that you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them, the next step will be to arrange a glamorous wedding. There is nothing as exciting as exchanging wedding vows with your loved one in front of a congregation.

Even though gatherings got affected by the coronavirus pandemic, things are opening up, and people are continuing tying the knots in congregations as before. Weddings do not have to be complicated, and with proper planning and budget, you will have a luxurious and glamorous wedding. So which are the ideas for an elegant and charming wedding? Check on the list below.

1. Get Luxurious Cars

A luxurious and glamorous wedding is not complete without a fleet of luxury cars. If you attend weddings regularly, you have probably seen the brides and the grooms coming to the venue with some of the top-end vehicles. That’s what defines a luxurious wedding. As stated by the team behind lavishlimousines.com.au, luxurious cars enable you to start your wedding day on a high note, make it unforgettable and allow you to enjoy a star quality feeling in front of the congregation that lasts the whole day.ย  The good thing about these luxurious vehicles is that you can easily hire them for your big day.

2. Add Show-Stopping Designs to Your Ceremony

It is crucial to make your big day extraordinary. Therefore, instead of sticking with the norm, try to make some noticeable changes, including adding showstoppers to the wedding venue or something extravagant like that. For instance, if you love luxurious flowers, you can create them between the wedding venue to drastically uplift the platform. Also, besides the standard settings, add some attention getters and show-stopping features that will give your reception area a unique touch to amaze the guests.

3. There has Never Been Too Flowers

Wedding venues are distinguished from other meetings by decorations. The more the decorations, the more luxurious and the more glamorous the wedding will be. So you should not shy off having many flowers at your wedding reception.  You can have flowers on the ceilings to ‘rain’ on the guests, on the sides, on the ground, and in other visible places to make the area unique.

4. Get Live Music Performances Done in a Unique Way

Of course, a wedding should have some form of entertainment, including dancing to the favorite wedding songs. However, listening to recorded songs can be boring and sometimes reminds the audience of the last wedding. Why not have live performances with customized vocals as per the brides? It is good to create a list and have a band that will interact with your audience to make your wedding exceptional. Ensure the audience is at their feet when the band performs.

5. Have a Dramatic Entrance

Every bride’s wish is to get noticed by everyone in their wedding venue.  You will have wasted the wedding if no one gets exclaimed by the brides’ entrance. Therefore, you have to prepare a grand entry to your wedding venue to make it feel expensive and glamorous.  Why make a sudden entry when you can get to the venue on a luxurious limousine or helicopter? If you want your wedding to be the talk of the town, you have to do something extraordinary.

6. Have Top Notch Wedding Favors

Your guests left their duties and created some time for your wedding.  Besides this, they are the people who will spread news and rumors concerning your wedding. Treating your guests with top-notch wedding giveaways, world-class meals, and drinks will make them discuss your wedding longer as being lavish than they do to others. In addition, a unique gift per seat with a welcoming note will go a long way in making your wedding one of the most luxurious and glamorous ever.

7. A Ladies Lounge in a Reception

A luxurious wedding will be attended by individuals of high caliber.  After tying the knots, your female guests will need a place to freshen up and maybe change before joining the dance floor. They will need a ladies’ lounge for that.  Also, do not forget their male counterparts too. They will need a place with some champagne and cigars as they wait to get to the dance floor. With this, not only you will have a luxurious and glamorous wedding, but a wedding of the season which will keep every guest talking about it.

Having a glamorous and luxurious wedding means that you should go overboard to make things happen.  Ensure that you have a well-set lavish wedding, get yourself some top-end cars, make your guests comfortable and announce your arrival to the venue in a unique way. Not only will you make heads turn, but you will become the talk of the town.

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