It’s well-known that prolonged exposure to heavy electromagnetic fields can cause serious harm to your health. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are always present in the environment, either in natural or man-made sources. Natural EMF is the electromagnetic field around the earth that makes the compass needle always point to the north magnetic pole and helps birds migrate.

There are also many artificial EMFs around your house. Don’t be surprised to know every electric socket of your home has its own EMF. In such scenarios, it’s best to take the necessary steps to reduce your EMF exposure, and getting the Top EMF protection necklace is one of them. To help you more, here are the top five devices with high EMF that you use in everyday life.

1. X-Ray Machine

X-ray machines are an example of artificial EMFs. The X-ray machine does not create those bone scans out of thin air. When you go through an X-Ray test, your body is scanned by bombarding it with controlled X-rays that penetrate through your skin tissues and muscles and reach your bone. This kind of prolonged exposure to X-ray radiation can cause various health problems. It’s best to ask your health expert about the intensity of the X-rays to be more informative.

2. Power Lines

The high voltage power lines have one of the highest EMFs that people encounter in daily life. These power lines have massive electromagnetic fields around them, especially exactly below the power line. The houses near such power lines are highly affected by the EMF. The walls and roof may protect to some extent but, there’s always the chance of experiencing severe symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

3. Wireless Devices

Wireless devices such as smartphones or tablets, WiFi routers are known to have certain radiation levels. However, there are various guidelines for manufacturing wireless devices to keep the radiation levels under specific limits.

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) determines whether the wireless devices are safe to carry or wear around your body or not. SAR is the rate at which the human body absorbs the radio frequency energy. You can use the top EMF protection necklace to reduce the effects of radiation on your body.

4. Microwave Ovens

Though there are numerous applications of microwaves, microwave ovens are the most used high EMF appliances in the house. Even though microwaves are made with utmost care and measures, sometimes misuse or human error can cause skin irritations and burns caused by the radiation. Though the chances of the radiation leaking from microwaves are second to none, it’s best to read the manuals and use them appropriately.

5. Electrical Appliances

Every electrical appliance in the home creates EMF with different intensity. The lights in your home, irons, hair straighteners, television, fridge, everything produce an electromagnetic field around them. The electrical wires in your home that carry the current also have some levels of EMF. There are chances of short yet intense exposure to radiation when you are near big electrical appliances like copiers, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, etc.

These are some of the daily life devices that create high EMF. It’s always good to reduce EMF exposure by understanding each device’s radiation levels and reducing the use of such electronic devices.

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