Many of the popular celebrities you know are quite fond of playing casino games. Just like us, sometimes they win and other times, they lose. Although they fail, they still have the money to satisfy their cravings to gamble.

Now, if you don’t have enough money like these celebrities, there are lots of online casinos that can help you out. To start with, you can look out for 5 dollar deposit casinos online. That said, here are some gambling stories of popular celebrities you know:

1. Ben Affleck

The Award-winning actor has been a fan of poker for many years. Back in 2004, he won a poker championship that earned him a seat on the world poker tour. He loves to visit Vegas a lot, by the way.

Even though he was banned from the Hard Rock Hotel in 2014 for counting cards, he still maintains favor from the public. This is because many reports of Ben giving some of his earnings to charity. There were also rumors of him giving tips up to $15,000.

Due to his status, Batman can get into poker tables without stress. This made him an easy target for many professionals, and it nearly made him a victim at Molly Bloom’s poker games at the Viper Room. However, he walked away unscathed.

He has lost lots of money to poker games, but this has fueled his addictions to win it all back. As for how much he’s lost, we don’t know. The winnings and losses in private games are difficult to track.

2. Robert de Niro

Even though he played the role of a casino manager in the hit film “Casino” he isn’t known on many casino tables. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t be found at the boardroom tables of many great Casinos.

He’s the co-owner of the Nobu restaurant, which can be located within Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. This restaurant also has a premise in the City of Dreams in the Philippines. According to Fortune, Nobu Hospitality LLC is expected to earn up to $1billion in revenue next year.

He’s also in partnership with the famous billionaire, James Packer, as they set to open a luxury hotel in Barbuda.

3. Matt Damon

Aside from being a popular celebrity, he’s a professional poker and blackjack player. It all started when he was asked to play a role in the movie “Rounders”. To ensure that he played his role well, he became a student of Johnny Chan.

Johnny is one of the best players in the world and thanks to him, Damon learned about the game. To date, Damon still plays this game regularly. Not much has been said concerning what he does with his winnings. Yet, he’s an avid player of the game.

He doesn’t shy away from tournaments, and he loves to play at Casinos that pay the best. He has also been seen on various WSOP charity events that have helped in raising money for the less privileged.

4. Tobey Maguire

As much as we hate to admit, Tobey Maguire will always be our original Spider-Man. He lived a double life as an underground poker player and was big into illegal games. He organized high-stake poker games for business figures and Hollywood celebrities.

The Spider-Man star made up to $40 million in a few years (2005-2009) by playing cards. The author of the book ‘Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist’, Houston Curtis, opened up on how they ran their operations.

According to the book, it was Curtis’s job to dump chips to the rich at the table. This gave Tobey Maguire a chance to use his poker skills to win the game. His success was the inspiration behind the player X character in ‘Molly’s Game’.

According to Curtis, one reason why Tobey Maguire said no to many films was that he already had a career in poker.


Gambling is a form of entertainment that is to be enjoyed by everyone. Popular celebrities like Michael Jordan, 50 Cent, Brad Pitt, and many more have continued to play the game. This is just a small list of the celebrities you may know.

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