When famous people come out of the closet, it always serves as a confidence boost for anyone following and looking up to them. Especially in sports, as this hyper-masculine industry has been unchanged since ancient times and always tried to appeal to those in the population who probably wouldn’t acknowledge the struggles of the gay community, yet learns to become more acceptive and changes a little every time a pro athlete announces that they ain’t what the audience sees. Whether you’re new to best transgender dating sites or you’re someone who has just announced their sexuality, it can help to know that lots of professional athletes have also come out as LGBT. Therefore, these following people have openly come out and have enabled others to have the confidence to come out too.

Adam Rippon

Adam Rippon was someone who knew how to glide around the ice, and this figure skater has not been afraid of hiding his sexuality. While he might have been a hit on the ice, he is also a hit on the ice as he now has a boyfriend and has recently announced his engagement. He might be retired, but he now has the chance to focus on his relationship.

Gareth Thomas

Gareth “Alfie” Thomas played professional rugby, which is considered one of the most masculine sports on the planet. Despite his success on the field, he hid his sexuality from his family and teammates. However, once he announced his true self, a weight was lifted off his shoulders, and he could live a life that was free and open. He is now a big advocate for the gay community and living in a happy couple with his partner.

Gus Kenworthy

Gus Kenworthy knew he was gay for some time and was worried that his secret would become known while performing as a skier in South Korea – a country where homosexuality is illegal. However, a kiss he gave his boyfriend before performing had been filmed and became big news. He is an inspiration to the LGBT community after knowing that he was different from the age of five. He wants to become a gay role model for any sportspeople who are part of the LGBT community.

Keegan Hirst

Another rugby player to grace our list, but Keegan Hirst is another person who played Rugby League. Once again, this masculine sport leaves people expecting all men to be straight and tough, but Keegan Hirst is different from your regular player. He is the first openly gay Rugby League player and was married when he came out. He convinced himself that he wasn’t gay, but eventually, he felt that the truth had to come out and that left him feeling more comfortable about who he is and what he stands for.

Mark Foster

Mark Foster is one of the best swimmers that the UK has produced but following him throughout his career was the fact that he was gay. His sexuality was hidden as he swerved the truth and avoided exploring reality. He isn’t the first person in the world of sport to come out, but at 47, he eventually decided to reveal his sexuality to lift the weight off his shoulders and inspire people. There had been gossip and talk for many years, but Foster eventually quashed that talk when he revealed the truth.

Mel Reid

The world of golf regularly flies under the radar when it comes to exploring the lives of players. Of course, you have leading players like Tiger Woods, who is a global superstar, but Mel Reid, who plays on the female tour, has come out as openly gay. She’s proud of the role she plays in carrying the LGBT flag while she’s recently got engaged. Her partner is also involved in golf in some capacity, and they met during the Ryder Cup in Paris.

Nicola Adams Obe

It might not have come as a surprise to many, but Nicola Adams OBE is an openly gay professional boxer. There were reports about her being bisexual, but she has clearly stated that she is lesbian. Her status as a leading professional boxer has given her a platform to share her experiences and put the LGBT community on the map and gave a hope to a lot of girls that they can do well in “manly” sports while still going on dates with the girls.

Parinya Charoenphol

Not many people expect a man to move from competing against men in Muay Thai to competing against women, but that’s what Parinya Charoenphol has done. Growing up as a boy and becoming a man, he competed successfully while wearing make-up. His goal was to win enough money to pay for a sex-change operation. She has now transitioned to a woman, has starred in movies, and is a significant name in the world of Muay Thai.

Tadd Fujikawa

Tadd Fujikawa has been making a name for himself on the PGA Tour. He turned professional in 2007, and despite the golfing etiquette and history, he is changing the face of the modern game by becoming the first openly gay male professional golfer. Playing on the tour, he now holds nothing back and uses his status to help other people come out and recognize that sexuality is equal.

Zack Leader

In a world where men throw themselves down hills on bikes at high speed, many might believe that there is no room for gay men, but that’s not true. Zack Leader is proof that regardless of your sexuality, you can still achieve because this biking champion has openly stated his preferences and is proud to ride his bike while embracing the LGBT community.

So, the world of sport proves that stereotypes are no longer a reality. Whether it’s female boxing or masculine rugby, sport plays no role in sexuality, as the occupation does not define people. Instead, they define what they do by being themselves and not hiding from the world. Athletes inspire people to do what seemed impossible and break the limits of imagination, yet they can inspire one to accept themselves and come at peace with the world too, and you too don’t have to hide the habit of dating, online or offline, with the gender you prefer.

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