Get ready for winter and travel safely through the cold months with these top 10 interior accessories. From stylish additions to must-have safety gear, these items can help you make the most of your wintertime commute. Shop for a tri fold tonneau cover, dash covers and more to prepare for any adventure.

1. Dash Covers

These year-round protective items help keep your dash looking great. They also prevent UV rays and water from fading and cracking the surface. Choose a cover that matches your interior or add an accent to update your style.

2. Console Storage

You can never have enough storage, particularly in the winter. If your floorboard is often the resting place of receipts, books or other items, itโ€™s time for console storage. Keep all your items out of the snow and slush that you may track in and out of your car this winter.

3. Emergency Kit

You never know when an emergency may strike, so be prepared for any incident. In the winter, this means having food, warm clothing, jumper cables and other emergency items on hand. Keep an emergency kit in your backseat or trunk to avoid a serious issue as you drive alone or with your family.

4. Portable Air Compressor

A flat tire in the summer can be inconvenient, but in the winter it may leave you stranded in dangerous weather conditions. Carry a portable air compressor to keep your tires topped up and ready to drive.

5. Floor Mats

All weather floor mats collect all that water, snow and mud that you may track in your car in the winter. Choose rubber or plastic mats to protect your interior carpet from water, road salt and mud.

6. Steering Wheel Cover

A steering wheel cover isnโ€™t just about style. Choose a cover that offers additional grip to stay in control of your vehicle in the winter. Driving in the winter often means driving with gloves on, so you need to be confident you remain in control as you cruise.

7. Shifter Accessory

Similarly, a new shifter top can combine stylish looks with additional gripping features. A shifter top with plastic or rubber features may not feel as cold as a metal one in the winter.

8. Dog Seat Cover

Your four-legged friend may also track in snow and mud during the winter months. Put a seat cover over your passenger seat or backseat to keep your car clean and your best friend comfortable.

9. Seat Covers

A snow-covered coat can leave a mess in your car. While you try to brush yourself off as you get in and out of your car in the winter, a set of neoprene seat covers can be just what you need to help prevent water damage.

10. Tonneau Cover

While not technically an interior accessory, a tonneau cover transforms your truck bed into an interior space. This protects your tools and other gear from snow, freezing rain and other moisture issues.

Shop online to find great deals on neoprene seat covers, floor mats and other must-have interior accessories for the winter. Protect your vehicle and stay safe on your daily commute or winter road trip.

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