Bingo is much more a game of strategy than most people would realize. There’s a lot to be learned about the game before you can start really making big winnings. This is even more true of online bingo, where there are so many varied ways to play and games to win that it can be daunting to even know what to play to begin with. 

Knowing how to be the best player will involve a lot of different things, but today, we’re going to look at some of the best tips for getting betting at playing online bingo. 

1. Practice 

In this sense, bingo is like any skill. The first and most important thing you’re going to need to know to become a better online bingo player is that you’ll get better as you play more. You’ll get more used to the rules, you’ll get more efficient at signing off your cards and checking all your sheets, and your brain will generally be more attuned to the tasks associated.

Playing smaller games, or even lots of free games or games that allow you to play bingo without depositing, just to get to grips with it, is a great way to do this. You obviously don’t want to practice a lot on bigger games, with higher entry fees. You’ll end up spending a lot, and the chances of you winning frequently enough are quite low. 

So, take your time to learn the game via free versions. There’s more to know about bingo than you will at first realize, and no amount of reading up on the rules and strategies, as important as that is, will be as helpful as just actually playing as much as you can. 

2. Strategize 

Multiple strategies have been put forward by mathematicians over the years, claiming the best formulas for winning bingo games. While, naturally, none of them provide an ironclad means of winning, knowing and being aware of these strategies is a really important part of becoming a better player. 

Granville’s strategy is one of the most popular and commonly used and has even been adopted by Stock Market analysts to foresee how prices will fluctuate. 

For bingo, Granville essentially posits that the best chance of winning is to have a certain specific spread of numbers. For example, he suggests that having an equal number of high and low numbers gives you a better chance of winning, as the spread is likely to be wider in certain games. 

He also suggests you should have an equal number of odd and even numbers, essentially giving yourself the best odds. 

Finally, having an equal number of selections that end in the same number has been shown to help. 

Again, the theory is not fool proof, but having a widespread is definitely a good strategy. 

The less widely used strategy is that of Tippett’s, who suggested that longer games are more likely to draw median numbers closer to 45. So, essentially, he suggests that for longer games, you should try and get cards with numbers around this mid-point. For shorter games, the opposite is true—you want numbers closer to the edges, at 1 and 99.

3. Speak to other players 

While online bingo is not the same social event that bingo halls are, the fact is that there are almost always still ways of speaking to the wider community to help you along your journey. Seasoned players will always have lots of great tips and advice to share with you, so speaking to them is one of the most important things you can do. Whether through forums or live chat services offered by the sites, there will be a way to connect with others. 

When you’re getting started, this is doubtless one of the most important things you can do. Where we can give you broad brush advice on how to approach the games, which they can also give, they will furthermore have very up-to-date knowledge on prize pools and where the best games are. Of course, they can also share their advice and strategies with you. 

4. Knowing where to look 

One thing that is immediately apparent to anyone attempting to break into the world of online bingo is the sheer number of sites to choose from. Going to the popular ones is always a simple solution, but the fact is that there are always going to be great hidden gems on the smaller games, too. 

Knowing where and when to look for the best promotions is one of the best tips for improving your online bingo game. You’ll be able to make greater winnings on smaller entry fees, find games with fewer players (giving you a higher chance of winning), and you’ll eventually find a niche that you prefer. The big sites are great, but the sheer volume of players can be detrimental. 

While at first you can often acquire this knowledge by, as I said, socializing with other players, eventually it will put you at the greatest advantage if you can know where to look for these yourself. You will have less competition on hidden games that fewer people are aware of, again giving you a higher chance of winning. 

5. Timing 

When it comes to online bingo as opposed to bingo in a bingo hall, one of the big differences is going to be in the amount of games available to play. There will be games running all day most of the time. 

Knowing when to play is a big factor. In some games, it can be better to jump in at peak times, if you can get a good promotion to join a larger game cheaply. This gives you a bigger prize pool, without spending too much to join. 

At the same time, for general play, the advice would generally be to avoid peak times. The early evening, for example, is usually a peak time when many people are playing. This will lower your chances of winning. 

Playing smaller, more frequent games is one really important way to help your winnings, and having your play timings down is essential.

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