Sometimes leaving your home while renovations are being done is not an option, and sometimes the job just seems manageable enough to not require you to leave.  Either way, altering your life in such a way that you are still able to function during your home renovations can be challenging.

If your home has some upcoming changes on the calendar, you may want to prepare yourself for the chaos that is about to ensue.  Take a moment to read through a few tips for surviving a home renovation while living on site, and go into the process with a better understanding of what’s ahead.

Maintain communication with contractors

Keep in touch with your contractors while the job is underway, so you always know what’s happening.  You may need to make adjustments along the way to keep the renovation budget in place.  Contractors should feel comfortable coming to you with any issues that arise, and vice versa.

Get used to a dirty place

Renovations always mean dust.  There will be dust on every surface it can reach and some you thought it couldn’t reach.  You shouldn’t worry yourself with cleaning up the dust, because it will be back by the end of the day.

The best move you can make for yourself is to take steps to contain the dust and mess of the renovation.  Section off your chosen living space.  Close doors or hang plastic sheets to try to keep the mess controlled.

Get to bed at a decent hour

Sleep is a very important part of staying sane throughout the process of your home renovation.  You need to get a full night’s sleep to prepare yourself for the challenges of living in your home while renovating.

The hammers and power tools will start bright and early in the morning, and you don’t want to be trying to sleep through the noise.  Go to bed at night, and wake to face the day fully recharged.

Choose the right season for renovations

Doing a renovation in the dead of winter isn’t typically a good choice.  However, you know the seasons in your area.  Take the time to truly consider what the weather will be like during your renovation period, so you don’t have added challenges to the project.

Declutter and consider storage

Before the workers arrive to renovate your home, it is best if you take the time to declutter your space.  You’ll have to completely clear out any rooms affected by the renovation.

You don’t want to add a crowded feel to your minimized living space, so you may want to rent a storage space or a container to store your extra furniture until your renovation is complete.

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