In the past, when people traveled, all they could do was study the road signs. If they were going somewhere new, they might need to study a map beforehand. These days there are new and exciting options, thanks to modern technology. Whilst some people use their smartphones, many others purchase a Satnav to help them.

It basically displays a map and touch-screen facility. It will often be placed on a person’s windscreen, providing audible and visual directions throughout the journey. How does it do this? By connecting to a GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite receiver. If you’re thinking of buying a Satnav, this article will help you know what to look for.

Get The Right Map/s

One option is for people who only travel within the UK and Ireland. There are extra choices for people who need European maps or who venture even further afield, and need a world map.

Sometimes the road options are not just ‘left’ and ‘right’. If you purchase a Satnav with 3D mapping, you’ll be better able to understand the road ahead and be more confident of which turnings to take.

Fortunately, the internet can help you find the most suitable model. The reviews from show that people are looking for the best versions for car, motorcycle, or truck journeys. They also want to learn about their history and to discover how they work.

Check The Screen Size And Routing Facility

Satnavs are usually 4 to 8.9 inches wide, and you can decide according to your personal preference. They all feature touchscreen options (and some use predictive text) but you may prefer a larger device if you don’t have small fingers.

Any Satnav will recalibrate your journey if you take a wrong turning or if you need to take a diversion. More advanced devices can provide several route options, including those that avoid motorways. If you have traffic-update connectivity, your Satnav will adjust the route accordingly.

Look For Speed Camera Alerts And Regular Updates

Speed cameras are not always easy to spot and everyone misses road signs occasionally. It can be really helpful if your Satnav beeps at you when you need to slow down.

If your Satnav provides regular updates, it’s always wise to download them, so you can receive the latest map changes. It will keep you up to date on everything from new roads to extra speed cameras. If your device is Wi-Fi compatible, you won’t even need to connect it to anything to receive the updates.

Decide Whether You Want Live Traffic Information

Whilst some basic models will only display the latest maps, more advanced ones can enable you to find out what the traffic is doing. If you drive to work, it can be especially helpful to know in advance, so you can change your route and save time.

It’s also worth looking at the points of interest, driver assist, and eco route options. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll never look back. You’ll feel more confident as a driver, and more supported on your journeys.

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