If you are a parent to a kid who is approaching the school-going age, preparing early can help make the transition easier. Proper preparation is also paramount for teens that have just completed high school and are about to join college. It helps them know what to expect and what to plan for while selecting the ideal options for them in terms of schools, courses, and extracurricular activities. Preparation is also necessary after a long break from school.

After the Covid-19 pandemic struck, many peopleโ€™s academic routines were disrupted. For instance, some students had to switch schools because they had to travel back home from abroad to their families. Others had to retake classes, whereas others had to start learning from home. If you or your child are just considering going back to school after the months-long disruption, this piece is also for you.

Here are some tips and hacks to get you prepared for school.

1. Buy School Supplies

To lead a triumphant school life, you must be organized. Opening school is always exciting, but to some, it’s an overwhelming nightmare. Preparation for opening school might seem like a simple task, but this is not always the case unless you are well-prepared with the necessities for the term in advance.

To begin with, ensure you start by sorting the school supplies. Buy all the items required in school way before the opening day. The good thing about todayโ€™s academic atmosphere is that you can always get education supplies like books, stationery, and much more online. Whether youโ€™re a teacher, student, or parent, you can order the necessary supplies right from the comfort of your living room.

For students, label your supplies as you tick them off the checklist and pack them neatly in your charming school bag. This will keep you all set and ready for class. Don’t forget to buy yourself a cute water bottle to keep sipping and hydrated. Also, ensure you have several pairs of uniforms if any is required.

2. Grooming

Nobody wants to report to school looking like they were living in a hole. You need to have some fresh, chic look as you report to school the first day. Proper grooming will ensure you are confident and prepare you to face the new term with a clean and clear brain as you dig into the books.

Ensure you visit the barber in advance for hair trimming or the salon for a neat hairstyle. For a sharp look on your first day of school, also check your uniform to see it is clean, ironed, and fitting you well. You don’t want to wear your uniform on the first day at school, only to find out that you have outgrown them.

3. Organize Your Shoes

Ill-assorted and disorderly footwear can give you nightmares while opening school on the first day. Have you ever had a late morning trying to locate the partner of another shoe in a closet with dozens of shoes? I bet that sounds familiar! It can give you a serious headache, waste a lot of time, or even cause you to miss the school bus in some cases. To avoid such scenarios, ensure all the school shoes are sorted in advance. Dust them and arrange them in pairs and orderly. You can do this either in one of the rooms or in the lobby closet. Do the same with the uniform.

4. Use of Colored Pens

We all like doing things expeditiously. Life hacks have eased the way we do things in life. Employing hacks in your life can save time and money without dripping much sweat. It can be at home, office, or even school. Writing notes while in school is inevitable. It’s core in the learning process.

Instead of writing your notes in the normal blue or black color only, try and use different colored pens. It will look attractive, fun to read in your books, and make the content easy to recall. Colored pens like greens, reds, and yellows go a long way in easing the study process when used to highlight the main points. This means packing a lot of these while getting your stationery in order as you prepare for school.

Holidays are over, and the new school calendar is about to kick off. So the big question is โ€“ are you ready for school, or do you belong to the category of those who prepare at the last minute? Preparing for school early enough is vital. It readies you both mentally and physically so as not to be caught up in hysteria and confusion.

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