Today, everyone conveniently owns a camera in their pockets, thanks to how much smartphones have evolved over the past few years. That may have been how you initially got interested in photography, or perhaps you were already curious about the idea of shooting scenes that had an impact on an audience.

Regardless of how interested you are in the craft, if you want to start your journey to learn how to take better pictures, there are some basics you need to consider from the start. In no particular order, here are some things beginners should know about photography.

Understand How Light Works

Once you get your hands on your first camera, you’ll soon realize that there are many settings you can play around with before pressing the shutter button. To begin with, photographers have to learn the basics of how light works, and this breaks down into plenty of parameters that end up affecting the final result. Newcomers can feel overwhelmed when they hear about exposure, white balances, ISOs, and f-stops, just to name some of the basic concepts thrown around often. Learning how moving each parameter affects the final result and experimenting with them will help you grasp these abstract concepts. For instance, a slower shutter speed will yield photos where the movement is more blurred, so try capturing a dog running through a field with different shutter speeds to see what speed delivers the results you want.

Studying how light affects the final photo is the first step. Once you understand the technical aspects of light in photography, you’ll soon immerse yourself in how the quality of light affects the final result. You can play with the intensity, color, and direction of the light source to obtain different outcomes with the same scenario. Have fun with the setting and experiment!

Learn About Post-Editing Software

At some point, you may already have done some photoshoots where you have pictures with a lot of potential, but some parts seem a bit off. In that case, you’ll benefit from learning to edit your photos and polish some details to enhance your artistic vision. There’s plenty of debate in the photography community of how much editing is acceptable, but as a newcomer, you’ll benefit a lot from understanding how basic tools work and how to apply them to your images.

Nowadays, there are many options to choose from, and newcomers can easily feel overwhelmed with how many paid and free alternatives they can experiment with. As a photographer, if you visit, you can read expert reviews on different software to help you decide which program will yield the best results. Things like computer power, current budget, and the software’s capabilities will determine what will suit your needs best.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Bad Photos

A common mistake many beginners fall into is thinking that every single photo they take must be in ideal conditions. The truth is that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously at all times since there will be moments where you’ll just want to remember a special occasion, like a family reunion or a birthday. And no one is perfect! If you take a thousand photos in a single day, there’s a big chance you may only like about a hundred of them, or even less than a dozen. The most effective way you can improve your skills in photography is by clicking the button consciously, but sometimes you just want to take a selfie with your friends, and that’s fine too.

Another thing that stops newcomers from pursuing their photography dreams is the fear of photographing in public scenarios. There are some methods and techniques to overcome this common fear among beginners, which all boil down to facing your worst fears and try to not think too much about what other people may think about you. Feeling embarrassed is a natural feeling in the learning process, so shake off those fears and go get your photos outside your home!

In the world of photography, you’ll soon figure out that there are no limits to your creativity. Find what interests you most and roll with it, but don’t be afraid of experimenting with other genres and mixing things up. You may feel overwhelmed at first with all the information and resources available online, but once you’ve settled the basics in your brain you will be able to take what you need in order to progress and prosper on your own. Don’t be afraid of taking the first step, so get out and start taking pictures now!

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