The sunny season is upon us again and it might be time to invest in a good pair of eyewear to protect yourself from the brightness. With all the brands and models available, it has become a lot tougher to actually buy sunglasses. Well, if you are one of those currently struggling to find one that fits your needs, weโ€™ve got the perfect guide for you.

Determine The Shape Of Your Face

Sunglasses do have purposes other than protecting your eyes. The first thing youโ€™d want to do is determine the face of your shape. Sunglasses come in various shapes and sizes and so do peopleโ€™s faces. Believe it or not, some sunglass styles are better suited for certain types of face shapes.

There are four primary face shapes – square, round, oval, diamond, rectangle, and heart. To determine which is yours, face the mirror and take a step back. Take your hands and try to trace the outline of your face using it. Once you determine the shape, itโ€™s time to pick the type of sunglasses that work well.

  • Heart – lenses with wide lower edges and no straight lines are perfect for this face shape. However, the best would be cat-eye style glasses.
  • Square – glasses with round or oval shapes can help lessen the solid features of your face. Avoid wearing sharp shaped sunglasses.
  • Round – look for glasses that have sharper edges instead of curved features. These will help make your face look thinner and sharper.
  • Oval – as oval faces are well rounded, you can look well with any other style of eyeglasses.
  • Diamond – a good way to complement your sharp cheeks is to wear rimless and oval sunglasses.
  • Rectangle – if you have an obligated or rectangle face, you are lucky as most sunglass shapes are going to work well with your face.

Pick Based On Your Skin Tone

At a glance, it seems like all sunglasses have the same tint when it comes to the frame. However, style gurus at Shark Eyes, Inc. says that sunglasses come in various colors and itโ€™s important that you partner your skin tone with it. There are three primary skin tones to consider – light, medium, and dark.

Light-medium skin with warm undertones works well with darker colors. What youโ€™d want to do is strike a balance between your sunglasses and your skin tone. The best colors for you would be shades of brown, gold, and green. Alternatively, you can also try bluish or pinkish colors if you are light-skinned with a cool undertone.

As you are a medium colored person, your sunglasses of choice can vary between dark or light hues. Itโ€™s the perfect skin tone for those who find it hard to find the right sunglasses to wear. Complement warmer skin tones with reddish or orange hues of sunglasses. For cooler skin tones, try going for blue or green sunglasses.

If you have beautiful dark skin, you can go for neutral shades especially if you have warm undertones. Bright gold or brown colors also work well with you. If you have cooler skin undertones, you can try pink or blue sunglasses as well and these will compliment you well.

Some people also match their sunglasses with the color of their hair. Complement dark shades with lighter hues of sunglasses. Lighter shades of hair work well with darker hues of sunglasses. In this case, opposites really do attract one another.

What About Your Outfit?

Whatโ€™s great about sunglasses is that they can work well with various outfits. Even a simple shirt and jeans get-up can be upgraded with a pair of good shades. Generally speaking, however, you shouldnโ€™t worry too much if your sunglasses are going to work with your outfit for the day.

Itโ€™s much more practical to base the sunglasses you buy on your face shape and skin tone. Of course, if you have a uniform for work, you can easily pair it with the right sunglasses.

The best way to avoid having mismatched outfits and sunglasses is to go basic. Black sunglasses are always in and they can be easily paired with most get-ups. If you want to stay safe, buy three pairs of sunglasses. One black, one that compliments dark outfits, and another that compliments light outfits.

Sunglasses are always a great way to cap off your outfit of the day. Picking one is a lot of tough work. If you are unsure of your decision, itโ€™s best to go and ask the salesperson to help you out with the decision.

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