With the right rifle shooting scope, you can see targets with more clarity, and aiming takes a higher precision. One of the most fundamental reasons for a rifle scope is improving accuracy. With numerous scopes in the market, it may seem like an uphill task to identify the best aspect to use on your rifle. Thanks to this guide, you will also have a seamless time picking out the best rifle scope.

Field of View

Think of it this way, the field of view refers to the ability to zoom in and out. It translates to how much you can see around your target area from all directions. Ideally, the more you continue to zoom in around your target, the lesser you will have a field of view.

With an insufficient field of view, you will have more tunneling. It refers to the ideology that you’re going through a tunnel when you increase the magnification. You will lose out on numerous magnification options.

The Function of the Scope

Probably one of the most significant reasons when choosing a scope is purpose. Please ask yourself the shooting you will frequently be doing. For instance, if you will be doing target shooting, the magnification you need in your scope will need a different scope than hunting or home defense.

Size of the Lens and Quality

For perfect clarity, the glass quality of the objective lens is a top priority. Additionally, the larger the lens, the more light transmittance you get. Nevertheless, you will need high mounting for a large lens to work correctly.

The lens will determine the clarity and brightness of your target. However, a bigger lens comes with more issues like scope ring problems, and it is also bulkier to carry.

Optical Power

Also known as magnification, it refers to your target’s closeness when you compare it to observing it without any lens. It is essential to establish the extent of the magnification you need in your scope.

Targets that are far away will seem much closer, and you can aim quickly. The higher the magnification you choose as with the expert opticsaddict.com/ addresses, the higher the resolution on your lens. It is vital to note that lower magnification is most suitable for off-hand ranges with lesser distances. However, whether fixed or variable, the flexibility of the scope will depend on the shooting scene.

For instance, with the variable scope, you can change the lens magnification. On the other hand, a fixed scope magnification will only allow you to expand the object’s clarity at a specified threshold. Additionally, the variable scope offers more flexibility.

Reticle Pattern

The reticular pattern of a riflescope is also another critical aspect to consider. The market has three significant classifications that you can choose from to find the most suitable reticle.

For instance, you can choose the duplex reticle, which is suitable for shooting in low light areas and has a thin center crosshair, which thickens as you progress towards the scope’s outer region. It gives you a perfect resolution if you go hunting. Furthermore, it is easy to use, which is an excellent bonus for beginners.

On the other hand, a mil-dot reticle has particular angles that space the dotted lines and has perfect range calculation. It offers you an excellent estimation of your target’s distance concerning the size, which doubles up as a good option for law enforcement officers.

You can also purchase the bullet drop compensator reticle, which has more accuracy on different ranges without interfering with elevation. It is a viable option if you practice long-range shooting and will help you estimate where a bullet upon firing will land.

The objective is to achieve illumination on the center dot, which will help you not lose sight of your target.

The Coating

The coating of your rifle’s scope lens is essential to increase target clarity and view. For instance, you can choose the single coating option, which covers one surface of your scope. The fully coated option, on the other hand, gives an available coating on your entire glass. 

The multi-coated option on your lens allows you to have several coating layers on one side. Additionally, the fully multi-coated option gives you several layers on your entire scope lens glass. Most good scopes have a fully coated option, which makes them more appealing.


After considering the different features that the rifle scope will offer, it is critical to identify the price margin you are willing to spend on your purchase. It is ideal for you to purchase what you can comfortably pay without putting excess pressure on your finances. Nevertheless, no matter your budget, even when it is lean, get the best rifle scope that you can buy within your range.

Research on the different rifle scopes and consider the above-mentioned tips, then you can be sure getting the perfect scope is just a step away.

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