Keeping the house warm during the cold seasons is a priority to any homeowner. When it comes to ensuring your home is warm and cozy without having to spend a fortune on heating bills, pellet stoves come in handy as an option that provides cost-effective heating. Although pellet stoves are cheaper and more effective to use for heating during winter, they may need a little extra maintenance work than regular heating systems. If you are new to using pellet stoves, here are some tips to help you clean and maintain the heating apparatus and ensure your home remains warm and cozy.

Use Quality Pellets

When it comes to fueling your pellet stove, the type of pellets you use to keep the heating going can play a huge part in how well the heater functions. Some people use low-grade fuel to power their pellet stoves in order to save some money. However, this can end up causing the stove to malfunction and you will eventually have to pay for the cost of repairs or even need to change the whole stove if it gets damaged beyond repair. On the other hand, if you use quality pellets for heating, you will increase the lifespan of your stove and avoid any soot buildup that can damage the heater. The key is choosing pellets that have a low moisture content so that the stove does not accumulate ashes and make it easier to clean up.

Check for Ash and Dust

Pellet stoves collect ash and dust over time which can cause malfunctioning issues if not looked at regularly. As mentioned on, it is important that you check for ash and dust in your pellet stove every couple of days, or at least once a week, so that you can ensure you have no clogs that can damage the stove. It is also important that you check for ash and dust content in the fuel you use for the pellet stove so that you can be sure the pellets are burning properly without leaving any sawdust at the bottom of your stove that may cause it to stop working and heating up your home.

Clean Stove Window

Pellet stoves have windows that allow users to fuel up the stove and make it easier for heat to come out more efficiently. When it comes to cleaning pellet stoves, many people tend to forget or neglect cleaning the window thinking that it will not get clogged or have anything to do with how the stove works. However, if the window is not cleaned properly at least once a week, the glass can blackout completely as a result of ashes and grime collecting over it and it can result in the breakage of the window. That is why it is important that you wipe the glass clean with a piece of cloth every week to keep it shiny and grime-free.

Do Soot Sweeps

The constant burning of pellets in the pellet stove can result in the collection of sawdust and soot at the bottom of the stove. This can result in an annoying burning smell that can fill up your home and it can lead to the malfunctioning of the stove completely. To avoid this issue, make sure you do soot sweeps every now and then to ensure you are taking out any residual ashes and soot accumulating at the bottom of your pellet stove.

Hire Professional Cleaners Annually

It is pretty easy to clean up your pellet stove regularly and keep it looking good and shiny as long as you are using it during winter. However, even if you are doing the best you can with home cleaning tools, you can miss some spots that need the proper equipment to be cleaned up and maintained. That is why it can be a good idea to hire professional cleaners to take a look at your pellet stove on an annual basis once you are done using it for the year so that they can give it a thorough cleanup and do any maintenance work needed.

Pellet stoves are among the most cost-effective heating solutions out there for homeowners looking to make their homes cozy and warm during the cold seasons. In order to ensure your pellet stoves have a long lifespan, you must clean them up regularly and maintain them periodically. Make sure you choose the right kind of fuel for your stove and do some research about the pellet content so that you can get the best kind out there. Remember to hire experts every now and then to do any maintenance work needed for the stove and give it a thorough cleanup.

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