When it comes to buying a new van, there are various financing options that you can consider based on your budget. It is very rare for a new van to be bought outright as there are options for leasing or hire purchase which can be a better use of your budget.

If you are looking into getting a new van for personal or business needs, Swiss Vans offers a range of Ford Transit Custom Lease options to suit all budgets.

You can make your money go further when you consider the financial contracts that are open to you while still driving away in the luxury vehicle of your choosing.

About Swiss Vans Leasing

Swiss Vans are custom van specialists that are based in the UK. They are one of the largest suppliers of vans in the country, including modern, luxury names such as the Ford Transit Custom.

They support both the lease and cash sale of vans which is why they are a great option for both personal and business shoppers alike. It can be quite expensive to get a brand new Ford Transit Custom vehicle or something similar, including customizations to ensure it suits your needs, which is why Swiss Vans offers low rate fees.

The company specializes in brands such as Ford, Mercedes, and Volkswagen and has a large stock of both new and used vehicles to consider.

Swiss Vans is a high-volume seller that can provide you with your ideal vehicle in as little as four weeks, no matter where you are based in the country. As well as offering lease and hire purchase contracts to suit all budgets, this company also specializes in the customization of their vans to ensure they can meet each and every demand of their customers.

How To Lease A Van With Swiss Vans

Swiss Vans has a great number of financial plans available for their new vans, ensuring that no matter what budget you are working with, there will be something suitable for you.

In terms of Ford Transit Custom finance, which is one of the most popular models at the company, there are several options. This van is available for lease or hire purchase, and each model can be customized to suit the individual needs of the customer.

The Ford Transit custom lease contracts start from as little as £239 per month, and Swiss Vans are very transparent about the costs of their vehicles.

You can request a quote from the company today using their free phone line or through their website live chat to see what kind of budget you will be working with. The cost of leasing comes with low rate fees, and Swiss Vans are willing to work with all kinds of budgets to provide access to some of the best vehicles on the road.

To learn more about how you can lease a Ford Transit custom or any other van on offer, click here to go to the Swiss Vans website.

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