Underwear might be the most discreet clothing in your wardrobe but let’s face it, Underwear is as much as important as that cute Gucci Bag you’ve been thinking about lately. And we don’t settle for less either. We girls look for the most comfortable and the classiest underwear even though we don’t go around showing them to random people. Mostly our shopping concerns are self-reasoning Boyshorts vs. Panties. However I must say, there’s more to know when it comes to the chic little choices for your ‘down there’. 

There are different types of underwear designs made for types of body shapes and occasions. Leaving out body shapes (I mean all girls should have the freedom and choice to wear whatever they want to nevertheless their figure), we’ll be looking at different types of undies that you can wear for each occasion. For an instance – a four-inch and a thong would be the worst combination unless you’re a model with plenty of practice walking in heels. 

So for all girls out there, let’s look at how we can couple good underwear to rock any attire. 

Bikini Underwear

Bikini Underwear

Bikini underwear is not only part of a two-piece swimsuit, but It’s also just so ideal for day-to-day wear. They have a high cut leg line and partially covers the back. Bikini underwear – giving moderate coverage while slim on the sides – makes any figure look perfectly in shape.

Known generally as Panties in the modern-day, Bikini underwear is quite common. You might not know, but high chances are that you’re wearing one right now. If you want your panty silhouette to not cut through or be visible over your day to day clothing, these would do the deed.



Some might even call them ‘granny panties’, Briefs give full coverage for the area including the waist and sometimes hip. Its high waistband holds the underwear closely to the body. Although these look like old fashioned grandma undies, every girl should have at least one or two with them in case of an emergency.

Speaking about the emergency, Briefs are ideal to use during the ‘time of the month’. They protect from leakages and fit the body without dislocating. However we must say, don’t even think about wearing it on a date if there’s a possibility of things escalating. It would definitely be a turn-off.

For a date of course, if you’re pondering whether to wear Boyshorts vs. Panties, stick to panties.

Boy Shorts

Boy Shorts

Every girl loves boy shorts. They are comfortable, they give full coverage and they make you look fit and girlishly sporty for some reason. They are modest and take the shape of men’s’ briefs (hence its namesake) and some people would also call it safety shorts. The Delights of Boyshorts are just amazing.

Boy shorts are generally regarded as decent underwear. If you’re wearing a short dress for an outside event, it’s best to wear a Boy Short. Let’s say you have a friendly get-together, and you’re comfortable in a denim and you don’t like people to judge you from the back. At such time, opt for a boy short. If we look at Boyshorts vs. Panties, both the designs don’t really make a difference, but totally makes sense in terms of the individual’s intention.

French Cut Panties

Famous during the 80s’, French Cut Panties aka. High Cut Panties have high cuts on the leg holes. They are quite comfortable and rises up almost to the waist.

These panties are still not out of fashion. In fact, since now with high waist jeans coming back to the trends, French Cut Panties would absolutely work well with your high waist jeans.

Hip Huggers

These were quite the style back in the 90s and the early 2000s’ when low waist jeans and skirts were the trends. However, we cannot completely rule off hip huggers from our wardrobe as they can be quite useful in the present day. This underwear is designed to rest just below the waistline, fitting the hips.

Let’s say you are heading for a formal introduction or a very important meeting and you do not want your underwear’s top band to peep out from your pants when you bend or sit. Go for a Hip Hugger. They will make sure your color and design preferences are discreet.

Control Briefs

Control Briefs

More than just underwear, Control Briefs play a major role in controlling how your abdominal and hip area looks like. Control briefs used to be quite hip many decades before, but due to its complete lack of appearance, they went out of style for some time. However, today Control Briefs are pretty famous again.

What’s special about Control Briefs are that at first glance they look plain and boring, but pair it with a sexy bodycon dress or maybe a chic high waist jean, it’d be perfect.


Here we go! The most hated yet the most envied pair of underwear that we want to buy for ourselves but are in two minds. G-Strings, are bikini panties with high cut legs. The only coverage given by a G-String is the thin strap that runs from the middle of the butt and front with a support on the waist/hip.

To be honest, G-Strings are quite uncomfortable and sometimes can even be painful to wear long periods. Especially if your figure is more towards the curvy type, G-Strings won’t be a supportive long-time option. Well, if you have a killer figure that you’d like to show off, and not let your panty get all the attention, wear a G-String. They’d hide the unnecessary panty lines and wouldn’t that be just great!?


So there you go! It’s totally up to you to choose what you want to wear, but a little advice would come in handy when required. For instance, when it comes to choosing Boyshorts vs. Panties for an occasion, now you’d know what to choose.

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