Are you planning to visit Turkey?

The country which is at cross points of Asia and Europe offers an enchanting opportunity for visitors to unlock its rich ancient and cultural history.

Here is why you should charter a yacht to turkey.

Realm of Historical Civilization

Human habitation in Turkey dates to almost 25,000 years and details various civilizations, including that of the Romans and Byzantines. While on your yacht tour you will come face to face with these ancient civilization histories.

You can start your tour with site-seeing of Istanbul, Turkey’s capital where you will be able to see the city’s striking architecture, historical sites such as the famous Hagia Sophia ,the Blue Mosque, and streets while enjoying the exotic Mediterranean atmosphere.

Enjoy Mouthwatering Cuisine

Turkey prides itself on having one of the highly-rated cuisines in the world alongside French and Chinese. It owes that to centuries of refining experiences that has maintained its high quality.

The delicacies have a mix of Middle Eastern, European and Asian influences.  If the yacht company offers a cook on your tour, then you can enjoy cooked Turkish meals.

Also, if you are all alone in the company of friends and family you can opt to make stops at some Turkish cities along the coastline and enjoy Turkish meals at various restaurants. Some of the prominent foods you will encounter include; Turkish coffee, Turkish tea, kebabs, Mezas, Borek, Pilaf and Kofte.

Experience Pleasant Mediterranean Climate

The unique Mediterranean climate in Turkey offers a perfect opportunity to explore Turkey while on a blue cruise yacht tour. Considered a summer destination, the perfect time to visit turkey for a yacht tour would be between May and September.

The Aegean region enjoys the best climate throughout the year. During this time, it is warm but not too hot allowing you to enjoy a relaxed yacht tour as you immerse in an unforgettable experience on the turquoise waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

You can also take time and engage in sea activities such as fishing with gps fishfinder, wave surfing, swimming, and scuba diving.

Stunning Coastline Scenery Attractions

Turkey boasts some of the finest coastline sceneries. Its coastline is a whopping 8,333 km long and is bordered by 4 seas: the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, Marmara Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Therefore, a yacht charter in Turkey will give you a perfect opportunity to enjoy what the four seas have to offer. To add to the fun to your tour, you can sail to the Aegean region south of Turkey and enjoy the intriguing ruins, picturesque beaches, and resorts.

Afterward, head southwest to the Antalya region nestled on the Turkish riviera and enjoy stunning views of the city, the mountains behind and the sea itself. Izmir and Fethiye are other places with stunning coastal beaches.

Opportunity to Interact with Locals

The yacht tour offers a whole lot of opportunities besides enjoying the stunning scenery. For one, you can get to interact with Turkish locals and learn some interesting things. If you are lucky you will be invited over for a delicious Turkish tea.

Turkish people are considered hospitable and welcoming of visitors, hence you will not have a rough time moving around. Besides they can be able to show you other interesting places that will make your tour worthwhile. While at it, you can make new friends and if you are into business you can be lucky and stumble on business opportunities.

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