When considering the best-haunted tour, look to US Ghost Adventures. Not only will you get all the history associated with each area, but you will discover the haunted areas as well. Search for “haunted tours Savannah, GA” to find tours that will give you a fun and frightful time. Every tour is hosted by a local guide who knows all the ins and outs of the most haunted properties. US Ghost Adventures strives to make each ghost tour a memorable experience and give the most authentic tour possible. Below, you will find out what you will see on the most haunted tour in Savannah.

A Filled Cemetery

One of the first stops you will come across on your haunted tour of Savannah is the Colonial Park Cemetery. This cemetery is famous for having filled 6 acres with a combination of people who had died as members of the church and nearly 700 from the yellow fever epidemic. Many ghosts haunt this cemetery, but some have earned scarier stories than others. The most famous ghost story from Colonial Park is that of Rene Rondelier. Many have reported seeing him roam the cemetery property or even hanging from the “Hanging Tree.” Many soldiers coming through in theย Civil War eraย stopped at the cemetery, altering the burial grounds as a twisted joke. This disturbed many of the graves, and restless souls wandered the graveyard because of it.

The Juliette Gordon Low House

The Juliette Gordon Low House is the home of the founder of the Girl Scouts, and many who visit her home say the social media presence of the family still lives there. When you first enter the house, you feel that someone else is there with you, even alone. However, it isn’t a dark presence but rather a comforting one. Nelly Gordon was Juliette’s mother and died in the home. It is said that Nelly is one of the apparitions of the house, and many people, including the staff, claimed to have seen her along with hearing her footsteps. Nelly has reportedly been seen looking out the window or having tea in her robe at the table. If you go on a lucky day, Nelly has often been reported toย play the piano.

Stop By the Owens-Thomas House

The architecture of the Owens-Thomas House is some of the most beautiful architecture in Savannah, but this home has many mysteries behind it as well. When it comes to the Owens-Thomas House, it has seen it all. There is no doubt that spirits are still trapped here from slavery, the fire of 1820, and the Civil War. There have been reports of things being moved around, hearing footsteps, and even seeing shadowy figures upstairs. In addition, there is no doubt that this home may be haunted by the souls of those who can’t seem to cross over. One of the most famous ghosts residing in the house is the Lady in Grey. Many believe that this Lady in Grey is the spirit of Margaret Thomas. She is often seen wandering the property, specifically the garden area.

Taking the Tour

When taking a tour with US Ghost Adventures, you can expect to learn the history of the places above with the added hauntings that have happened at each location. This ghost tour company tells the most authentic happenings at each site along with what other visitors have experienced with the paranormal. US Ghost Adventures offers an ideal blend of history and the paranormal. When you are looking for the most fun and authentic ghost tours in Savannah, look to US Ghost Adventures for the tour of your life.

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