Sexuality is a large part of life, socialization, and relationships. If you hold great importance in performance and sexual activity, you may look towards certain supplements or medications in order to maintain certain levels of sexuality. However, when you are looking at different solutions for your issues, it is important to be mindful of the ingredients that are in your medications. Here are some of the most popular ingredients you will find in enhancements and some explanation of where they originate and what they do.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba trees produce leaves and seeds that have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, with modern medicine utilizing its extract in several ways for healthy living. One of the uses Ginkgo Biloba has been known for is its presence in male enhancement and performance drugs. In Chinese medicine, the extracts from ginkgo leaves are used to open channels of energy to different organ systems throughout the body. This includes the brain, kidney, heart, and lungs. Ginkgo increases circulation of your blood and increases your overall heart health. That blood circulation has also been the primary reason for its use in sexual performance medications to help increase the libido and treat various symptoms such as sexual dysfunction. There are also many other benefits outside of the sexual performance of the ingredient when it is used in other medications. These benefits include helping to treat migraines and headaches, increase the overall performance of your bodily systems not only to circulate blood, but also to remove waste and toxins, reduce symptoms of dementia and other psychiatric disorders, and help reduce or treat anxiety.

Horny Goat Weed

The story behind the discovery of horny goat weed took place over a century ago. It was discovered by a goat herder from China who had noticed his animals were acting a little more frisky and lustful than usual. He inspected closer and came to realize that whenever his goats ate and consumed a specific weed, they started becoming more sexually aggressive. The story has not been confirmed to be fact, so it remains a possible myth of the ingredient’s history. Regardless of the validity, the story has led to the naming of the ingredient as Horny Goat Weed. The weed or herb is traditionally used in Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac to support a healthy sexual appetite and libido. It contains 17 herbs and minerals that contribute to your ability to gain an erection but also increase your stamina to be able to keep that erection going for longer.

Tribulus Terrestris

This ingredient is found in many supplements, especially those related to male enhancement and sexual performance. Tribulus Terrestris is a herb that grows in Eastern Asia, extending into southern parts of Europe. It is used in many local medicines around the world, with its primary use to increase testosterone in the human body. It has been shown to benefit those that have low testosterone, to begin with, those that had low sex drives, and with erectile dysfunction, although the results lean towards the lower significant levels. However, it has been shown to help improve a person’s libido or sex drive, increasing their desire and attitudes towards sexual intercourse.


L-Arginine is an amino acid and antioxidant, and in the human body, it has been shown to help with blood pressure and blood flow. It keeps your blood vessels wider, allowing for more blood to travel through them. Because of this capability, it is often linked with male enhancement drugs and consumables. This translates into a better sexual experience by providing longer-lasting as well as improve erections in men. As an antioxidant, it assists with sexual performance by removing toxins from the body that can cause problems and issues with men’s abilities to perform. Things like alcohol can lead to men’s difficulties to maintain their erections, so having drugs or supplements with these ingredients can help offset those issues. Outside of sexual performance, L-Arginine also provides benefits with other active lifestyles and performance when it comes to training and exercise, as increased blood flow and the removal of toxins are just as imperative in these scenarios.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is an ingredient in many men’s products for overall health and positive well-being. There are a wide range of benefits to gain from supplements that contain these ingredients. Omega-3 promotes increased blood flow and oxygen transfer throughout your body, which is again crucial for getting and keeping an erection, and overall sexual performance. Of course, there are other benefits and omega-3 has been linked to helping prevent and greatly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, preventing some cancers, help boost the nervous system and your brain, eye, hair, skin, and nail health. All of these benefits are helpful not just for better sex life, but an overall healthier lifestyle.


Maca is a root vegetable that holds medicinal purposes. It grows in Peru and is considered to be the highest cultivated crop on the planet. With the fact that male enhancement pills can boost libido, maca plays an important role as it is known to be an aphrodisiac. It also has antidepressant properties, providing improved mood, better stamina, and energy to consumers. It helps to also balance the body’s different systems, functions and cycles. Other potential benefits have been linked to reducing inflammation in the body.


Ginseng is a popular ingredient for male enhancement drugs. There is a wide variety of different ginseng, from Chinese to Korean ingredients, so it is fairly well known for its benefits when it comes to sexuality. It helps to increase testosterone levels, energy and vitality. In addition to benefiting the male vitality, especially those over the age of 50, it has also been shown to benefit women going through menopause as well. Additional benefits outside of sexuality linked with ginseng are with a person’s ability to focus, retain memory, increase calmness and reduce anxiety.

If you are looking at different medications for male enhancement purposes, it is important that you do your research to know exactly what types of ingredients make them up. This ensures both the safety of the products, as well as the fact that you are getting exactly what you need for your body and its purposes. Some may work better and more effectively than others, and understanding the different ingredients will make you a smarter consumer.

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