This is one of the best licences in the world. For twenty years now, this licence has destroyed everything on its path whether it be on games, books, movies or music. In fact, there are many releases coming soon like, almost two games in 2021, a TV-Show in 2020-2021, a movie for 2021 and another one for 2022.

A new game for 2021

After two good games about the story of the Middle-Earth, this licence needed a new fresh air. That’s why, Warner Bro’s, who owns this licence, has chosen to make a very different game than the others.

All the past games about Lord of the Rings were in an adventure, RPG, open world and fight style. The lord of The Rings: Gollum is going to be a stealth game with no RPG additions.

We will follow the story about Gollum and Smeagol in a way that will not be an open-world. The video-game studio that works on this game say that the game will be focussed on the connection beetween Smeagol and Gollum.

In the meantime, a new TV-SHOW about the story of Gollum by Amazon and a new Tolkien movie about the Silmarillion were announced. For these two next releases, no dates were given.

A game with choices

The video-game studio, Daedalic, had chosen to make a game with choices. As we said earlier, the game will be focussed on the fight beetween the two characters : Smeagol and Gollum. Every choice that will be made are going to push the smeagol side or the gollum side. As the studio say, the story will be dark with multiples possibilities.

In fact, Gollum will not carry an ability tree like all of the RPG actual games : no skills, no abilities, this game will be pure stealth. To explain their choice, the studio said that Gollum is 300 years old, new abilities can’t just be unlocked, he already has everything to survive.

A new Gollum for a different story

For this game, Daedalic said they wanted to create a new visual of Gollum that we know in the LOTR movies by Peter Jackson. The look of Gollum will be close to the description of J.R.R Tolkien did in his books.

By the way, the game was announced on every platforms PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch and PC for 2021. During this time, the PS5 and the XBOX Series X will be release, we wish to see this game on the new generation of gaming devices.

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