Passing a driving test is no easy task. To make sure that you are prepared, it is important to know what the skills required for success are. Then perhaps you can take one of the driving test cancellations on offer. This will mean that you can get that first job sooner and be in a position to visit the place which had previously seemed too inconvenient to reach on public transport.

In this article, we will discuss the driving skills that you will need to have acquired to pass your UK driving test. Be prepared that many people do not pass it the first time around and that your first test can be more of a learning experience. So, the sooner you can take it, the better. Then you might find out how much there is still to know.

However, if you familiarise yourself with the skills below, then you should be well on the way to passing your driving test first time and becoming a good driver.

Mirror – Signal – Manoeuvre

This is the most basic rule of driving and one that you must always follow. Whenever you are changing direction, you must first check your mirrors to see what is behind you. Once you have done this, you must signal to let other drivers know what you are doing. Only then should you move the vehicle you are driving into the desired position.

Know these basics of driving and you can then begin learning the harder skills to master. All the skills perfected will help you to pass the practical test which will ultimately mean you can then drive around without โ€˜Lโ€™ plates on or an experienced driver accompanying you. The freedom to do that is a reward in itself and something of an achievement.

Parallel Parking

One of the skills that you will need to master is parallel parking. This can be a tricky manoeuvre, but it is essential for driving in tight spaces. With the vehicle in reverse, you will need to get into a position where you are heading for the curve before then straightening up.

Reversing Around a Corner

Another skill that you will need to master is reversing around a corner. This can be a difficult manoeuvere because you need to keep tight into the curb,  yet not make any contact with it, to show that you have complete control of your vehicle.

Three-Point Turn

This is possibly the simplest of the three to achieve and a common ask at driving tests. You first pull over to the left side of the road, waiting until the traffic is clear. Then you turn the steering wheel right to turn across the road. Next, turn the wheel left to reverse. Then finally turn the steering wheel to the right, straighten up, and move into the correct lane. The trick is not to end up making unnecessary turns. Not when the driving examiner will have chosen a stretch of road that is plenty wide enough.

All the above are about demonstrating the control you have over the vehicle. You will end up failing the driving test if you cannot master these key manoeuvres. It is well worth practising them time and time again. Not until you get them right but until you cannot get them wrong. Practise is the key to driving in every sense. We can become better drivers after our driving test because of our experiences on the road.

These are just a few of the driving skills that you will need to master to pass your UK driving test. If you are unsure about any of these manoeuvres, it is important to ask a qualified instructor for help. With practice, you will be able to execute these with ease.

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