Yoga in its sense is a practice of free self-movement of body, mind and soul. Choosing the appropriate dress code for a Yogini (a woman practising yoga) revolves around choosing comfort, convenience and stretchability. For the first time Yogini it is best to wear leggings or capri pants, as it helps you to learn and practise beginners poses abruptly. A more advanced Yogini feel convenient enough to attend yoga classes in jazz/elephant pants, as they possess a well-balanced posture in practising several poses.

Benefits of Yoga Clothes

The most advantageous convenience of yoga clothes is comfortability. As they are mostly made of cotton and lycra material, yoga clothes are more hygienic and sweat-free. They are produced in a manner to absorb sweat and ventilate the wearer naturally. It limits the general worry on bad odour caused after exercise of women who wants to take a stretch break in between their work schedules. Due to the versatile nature of yoga clothes, girls prefer to wear it for many occasions including other exercises and day-to-day living. A yoga pant is way fashionable that reduces the level of stress involved in choosing what to purchase during shopping considering the trends on shelves would swiftly go out. There are multiple fashion styles in yoga pants ranging from the high waist, flared bottoms, short styles etc. Hence one could wear it gracefully for a long day at work or to run errands in the comforts it provides.

Being in Yoga pants also helps ladies to stretch anywhere, anytime. Studies prove for most women clothing affects the motivation for exercise, and that being in yoga clothes they indirectly get motivated to do exercises as they are in the right and most comfortable outfit.

Ideologically choosing comfort clothing is psychologically advantageous for any human being, as clothes should be one of the least things an individual should be worried about. If you are in tight-fitting clothing it rigid your limbs causes respiratory blockages and breathing difficulties. Whilst a comfort garment helps a person to worry less of what they wear and be in their best condition.

The philosophical aspect of yoga clothing is that it is produced as to act as a second skin for a yoga practitioner, giving comfort in all the ways.

Closet of a Yogini

So if you are a die-hard practitioner of Yoga, you are likely to have a dedicate unique closet ranging from high waist linen loose harem pants a.k.a Elephant pants to leggings to all other athleisure types of garments. Yoginisโ€™ dress code speak expressions of attracting universal energy restored in the form of fabrics and emit through the free movement of limbs.

A Yoginis closet is incomplete especially without an appropriate yoga mat, yoga wheel yoga belt, sports bras, meditation cushions etc. A deep-rooted Yogini would also have more advanced accessories such as oil diffuser, incense sticks, dimly lighted room.

So aspiring yoginis out there, get into your genie pants and dive deep into the meditational exercise!

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