Nerds, geeks, and people in general love gadgets, especially if they actually have a practical purpose behind them. Sadly, most gadgets and small appliances get purchased, used for a minimal amount of time, and then get consigned to the back of some cupboard or drawer.

To give you some idea of how much gets spent on items for the kitchen you can look at some stats from the kitchen appliances industry. In 2019, the worldโ€™s kitchen appliances market was valued at $159 billion. This is expected to see further growth and reach $210 billion by 2027.ย 

Of course, this market refers to major appliances such as washing machines and fridge-freezers, and there are smaller gadgets and appliances not taken into account here. Some novelty items such as Lego head salt and pepper shakers might even deserve their own market, but for nerds who love digital gadgets and smaller appliances, below are a few of the more useful ones.

A convection oven or air fryer

The earliest modern-style convection oven was invented in 1914, but it wasnโ€™t until 1945 that a commercial model hit the market.

It was in 2010, that things changed when Philips launched the air fryer; a small and convenient convection cooker that promised to produce fried style food with reduced fat levels.

Millions now own an air fryer , and there are a number of brands and models to choose from. The Cosori air fryer is just one type, and they come in sizes big enough for families, and feature one-touch cooking functions for ease of use.

Air fryers look surprisingly stylish for small appliances, and one reason they have become popular is that they cook without oil so they can be a healthy cooking option.

Instant Pot or multi cooker

At around the same time as Philips launched their air fryer, the Instant Pot also appeared.

This is a smart little appliance that can be operated by a smartphone, and includes a number of cooking options such as pressure cooking, slow cooking, and presets for rice, saute, and sous vide cooking.

Because Instant Pots use steam to produce hot meals, they also offer an alternative healthy option for cooks just like the air fryer does. So, if you are looking for healthy baking choices, a multicooker might be the answer.

Automatic pot stirrer

This isnโ€™t exactly a smart gadget, and it seems to be aimed at people who are too busy to stir a saucepan. But, an automatic pot stirrer might be the gadget youโ€™ve always wanted. Your soup can be stirred while you spend time answering messages or finishing the crossword.

Vacuum air sealing system

A little fact for geeks and those interested in food science; bacteria cannot grow without oxygen. Therefore a vacuum air sealing system will help to protect your food from mold and moisture.

Dual breakfast sandwich maker

Do you remember Brevil sandwich toasters? Do you like McMuffins but wish they were a bit healthier? Well, this might be what youโ€™ve been seeking. This device has room to construct, contain, and cook, two filled muffins. Perfect for breakfast or brunch.

Touch-free kitchen faucet

While these can be costly, smart kitchen faucets have some great environmental benefits. They can be preset to deliver only the required amount of water to avoid waste. And some of them are touch-free. This means no putting your greasy hands on your shiny taps, and less risk of germs spreading.

Smart food steamer

You can improve your health through your eating habits, and using a steamer is one great way to start. Smart steaming technology enables nutrients to remain locked in while sugars are drawn out of food.

These new-era smart steamers can be programmed, have auto shut off, and unlike saucepans will release heat, but not allow the flavor to escape.

Smart light switch

This isnโ€™t exactly a kitchen gadget but it can certainly be installed in one. A smart switch allows full control over lighting and can connect to your home hub as can some kitchen appliances. Over the long term, having full control over your lights and programming schedules will save money on your energy bills.

About 15% of energy bills are from the lighting, and if you switch to LEDs as well as a smart switch you can save hundreds of dollars a year.

Robot salt and pepper shakers

These are neither digital nor practical, but for any nerd, they might be perfect. What could be better at your dinner table after youโ€™ve cooked a meal for friends than wind-up robot shakers?


There are plenty more smart gadgets and useful mini appliances for the kitchen. Juicers, blenders, and microwaves are available that connect to voice assistants, and mobile devices. 

But, these are just a small taste of some of the gadgets currently available. If you want to eat healthier then look at an air fryer or steamer. If you like to buy in bulk and freeze food then a vacuum sealer could be a great choice, and if you are a lazy cook get yourself an automatic pot stirrer, sit back, and relax.

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