If you ever want to say thanks to someone non-verbally, the best way you can do so is by sending a bouquet to him/her. Yeah, that’s probably one of the most genuine ways through which you can express your feelings to the other individual. Saying thanks often gets difficult as you cannot showcase your gratitude that much as you feel like! In such a scenario, flower delivery using Interflora discount code is here to sort out your issue and help you express your emotions to the other one. Each flower has a different meaning for itself, and both the floral species as well as the colour of the bloom have got a lot to reveal:


This is one of the most commonly used flowers to say, ‘thank you.’ You may choose either pink, peach or yellow coloured roses to express your feelings. The peach colour usually symbolises appreciation, the pink roses generally resemble friendship and admiration, while the yellow roses are known for joy and companionship.


If you have someone in your list who have helped you through your difficult times and you want to show your gratefulness to that person, hydrangeas could be a really good option.


If you are in love with colourful flowers, Chrysanthemum would be an amazing option. It symbolises friendship, and if you have ever wanted to thank any of your friends for the companionship, choose any of his/her favourite colour, this will be indeed one of the best choices.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas are often used to say, ‘thank you.’ You can take the person either to a lunch or a ballet and handover a bouquet of flowers to that person. Sweet peas look really pretty, and the fragrance is something that you would love to inhale for hours. This flower is mostly used as a filler in a bouquet with the other flowers present in that bunch.

Flowers speak even more than a human. Choose flowers based on your understanding of the expression you want to portray to the recipient.

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