What dog breeds are ideal as pets? This is one question that will be on the top of your mind if you are looking to adopt a new pup. And as this is your first time, it is entirely alright to be a novice at this stage.

When it comes to choosing the ideal pet to cater for, there are many things you want to straighten out. First off, you want to be sure you are ready to cater to your dog. It’s just like having a child, so you have to be sure you are prepared to be a mum or dad.

That said, what are the best dog breeds to keep as pets? You can find a detailed guide from Holistapet on some of the popular breeds. Below is a list of popular canine pets for individuals and families.

Alaskan Malamute

You’ll not only find the Alaskan Malamute attractive and warm to cozy up to, but they could also be the friendliest member of the pack. So if you are looking for a pet that does well with the kids and fun to be with, you want to consider adopting this breed. You should know that they are heavy workers, and require a good deal of exercise to stay healthy. They could also be domineering, and you would need to establish yourself as the leader of the pack.

Golden Retriever

When it comes to confidence, smartness, and loyalty, the Golden Retriever is one dog breed you can trust to deliver. They are fun-loving and don’t get aggressive quickly. You’ll find them to be great for kids also, and when it comes to outdoor activities, they never get enough of it. They enjoy playing retrieving games, which could be partly why they earned the name. With regular grooming, you’ll love their shiny golden coat, especially under the sun.

Bull Terrier

Want a small dog that doesn’t tear up the place like many small canines? You want to check out the Bull Terrier. Initially raised for companionship, they can be the ideal companion for kids and aged persons. You’ll find them to be obedient, friendly, and easy to cater for. You won’t have any stress grooming their coat, and they rarely leave behind fur around the place. One thing that most dog owners have to contend with.


You can also adopt the Beagle if you are looking for a merry loving dog that is active. The hound, with its compact size, could be the ideal companion for kids. They could also be great a family pet. With a robust olfactory system, they can pick scents from far away, so you can sure they could stand up to any intruders, including pests and rodents. You can find here http://www.animalplanet.com/pets/top-5-training-tips-for-beagles/ tips for training Beagles.

Border Collie

The energetic Anglo-Scottish Border Collie also makes it on the list of dogs suitable for the family. Originally bred for herding sheep, you can only expect them to be smart and easy to work with. They need a lot of outdoor exercises and would do well in a home with a yard and kids. Still, with the right TLC, they could do well in a singles apartment.


If you want a pet dog to stand guard for the home or office, you want to consider the Rottweiler. They are well mannered, fearless, and obedient. But you will have to establish dominance with them to keep them in check. It is best to get them as a pup and show them a good amount of TLC so they can build their well-mannered temperaments as they grow.


Want a pet canine that you can easily snuggle under your shoulders in a travel bag? You would want to try getting a pet Chihuahua. Their quick pace and devotion is something to marvel about. With a smooth coat that is easy to groom and a toy-like appearance that you can play with decoratively, there is no doubt they could pass as an excellent girlie pet gift.

Great Dane

Need a more intimidating dog that can help keep rodents off your yard or farm and stay devoted to the fam? The Great Dane will do just that. Towering at the height of 70cm at adult size, you can expect they wouldn’t be that easy to ignore, even for other canines. You can find them available in different coat colors, including black, blue, and fawn.

German Shepherd

Need a medium to large-sized canine for a pet? The German Shepherd is an excellent guard dog and has one of the dog community’s most loyal traits. They are loving, obedient, intelligent, and always on guard for intruders. You can find them in different colors, including black and a combination of two or more colors. The webpage here has more information about the German Shepherd breed of dogs.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a good choice for a family dog as their temperaments will be well suited for homes with kids and other pets. They are highly affectionate and playful and can do well by themselves without much supervision.

Their high intelligence and playfulness is one reason why they are often used as a show dog. They are easy to train and spot a bright-colored coat that could be a handful to groom. Aside from that, the Irish Setter is a lovable creature that would do well as a family or individual pet.

Final Note

When it comes to choosing the right canine dog for the home, you want to compare the temperaments and consider other factors such as grooming before deciding on which one to pick.

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