Opening cases on CSGO can be extremely lucrative and fun. However, the sites you use to open the items are often more important than your luck. This article covers some popular case opening platforms that are legit and have a decent collection of skins. Below is an outline of some sites you can explore and purchase your favorite skins.


CSGOLive is a good site for opening cases, especially if you want to get your hands on some rare skins. It has an excellent reputation and offers a wide selection of skins. The site also has daily deals for discounted rates on certain items. Its customer support team is helpful and quick to respond to any problems or questions you may have about the platform, which improves the rating of its services.

They also use top-notch technology to enhance security and prevent fraudulent purchases or trades. So, you can rest easy knowing that no one else will be able to access your account without permission.


CSGOatse is a site that allows you to buy and sell skins and gamble. It’s a great place for punters who want to get cheap CSGO skins or make extra money trading unused ones. To use CSGOatse, all you need is an account and the Steam app on your computer. Once you’ve signed in and verified your profile, accessing the site is easy since you just log into Steam and visit the Market.


SkinHub is one of the best CSGO case opening sites since it has an appealing user interface and a great selection of cases, including the best-selling CSGO cases on the market. Their loyalty program is one of the most generous ones. If you’re lucky enough to get into their VIP club, then you’ll earn bonus points every time you open a case.

The SkinHub community is also special. They’ve got an active channel where players can mingle and trade items with each other and get help with anything related to skin trading. The support team is available at any hour of the day, and you can reach them via live chat and email. Lastly, they support all major payment options, including PayPal, so there’s no risk involved when making purchases on their platform.


GOCase is a great site for CSGO case opening. The site has a good reputation, so you can trust it to keep your items safe and secure. It offers a wide selection of CSGO cases to open and purchase, allowing you to find the perfect case for you. Many people enjoy their time on this website because it is easy to navigate and make transactions. The site looks professional, and it has an active community forum where users discuss everything related to CSGO gambling.


Farmskins is a quality site with a great community and easy-to-use interface. It has an excellent selection of items, so you will always find something you want. The site also offers great customer service that will help you if you face any problems with your account. Farmskins also has a highly rewarding affiliate program that attracts many punters across the planet. is one of the oldest CSGO case opening sites in the world. It has been around since 2014, and it is still going strong, with a robust community and decent design. The platform offers a variety of cases, including those that you can get by winning games. The biggest advantage of using the site is its large selection of cases at reasonable prices. If you want to buy some skins, you should check out this site since you can get quality items with a minimal budget.


CaseRandom has been around for many years, and they have more than 200 different cases for opening. Unlike most sites, it allows users to send and receive skins with other players through the platform. Their support team is very friendly and helpful, and you can reach them via email or live chat if you need assistance. They also have an active community, and members are willing to help out newbies whenever they need assistance.


Quickly becoming a legendary site, Hellcase offers great customer service, fast payouts, and a wide range of CSGO skins. If you want to open cases on this site, you can purchase the items using different payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, or Webmoney. You can also use Bitcoin and Ethereum as your payment option if you want to deposit money using cryptocurrency. If you become an active member, you can take advantage of its affiliate program by referring new players and earning a commission.

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