Gifts are something we all love, it’s a gesture – more of a token – of our appreciation towards our loved ones. We love buying them and we really love receiving them. However, gifts also can make or break any kind of relationship. By relationship, we don’t mean a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, it could be a best friend, a family member or a critical in-law. So gifts portray your personality and talent. In addition, Social Media platforms make this far more serious and personal.

That’s why understanding the art of personalized Gifting is a crucial knowledge today. If you’re a confused boyfriend trying to fix a fight or an enthusiastic crush, personalized gifts could work for any of you’ll, but you should always make sure you give the right thing to the right person. Know what you can personalize, let’s have a look.

1. Chocolaty sweetness

Who doesn’t love chocolates?! Researchers believe that chocolate reduces stress levels and calms the nerves. So you know what to give your special one when shes’s in a fiery mood. To make it even more interesting adding a personal touch you could customize your chocolates just like you want. Many chocolatiers around the world does this deed perfectly. Chocolates are ideal for your partner, so with no hesitation you could jump into this choice of gift and it could work out for all we know!

But believe us, it’s not enough to make her happy, she’s expecting something more solid, like a sparkle.

2. Simple Necklaces make an impact 

Jewellery is every girl’s dream. She could be of any age but jewellery is the ideal gift. But the best would be a named necklace, you could see options for your solid sparkling necklace on as they’ve got some amazing choices of customization. It doesn’t matter what kind of a relationship you’re in, necklaces are always adored. Especially those simple ones which are elegant, hearty and filled with expression. Infinity chains are your life saver if you’re not good at jewellery shopping. The symbol means how much far you’d go for her love.

3. NO Vouchers please! 

One of the main sectors of understanding a girl’s mind is knowing what kind of a person she is. There are girls who live a fantasy life, they love being pampered, they show to the world that they love being surprised and they think you understand what they want very much. And then there are girls who stand out of the stereotypes (just because!), they don’t like to show that they need attention, but believe us, both those type of girls fall into the same category. The category of ‘girls.’ Everyone loves gifts with a thought behind. Vouchers don’t have a thought behind. You have gifted it either because you’re too busy to make time for her, or you still don’t know what she really wants.

4. A Surprise visit with a hint

Girls love surprises which they already know. Sounds pretty confusing but it’s true. The last thing she wants is being on the unknown side. Sometimes she might expect you to visit her or make a surprise entrance but you must make sure you give a hint prior to arriving. So that she could come in her best looks expecting your arrival. She’d act surprise but all her friends would know you’ll be coming, so don’t let her down.

But again, just a surprise visit won’t do, you need to make the visit worth it. That’s why we believe silver is an ideal choice.

5. Make a Silver/White Gold Necklace 

What better way to show your love to that special one than a customized necklace made just the way you want? One thing that lays the proper foundation to your relationship is valuable jewellery made of Silver or White Gold (if you’re budgets are big). You can now make a necklace with her name on it for your special surprise visit, and it could cost you very little than you expected to spend on jewelley. See to find the ideal option for your loved one. Here’s a piece of advice, she may never wear it but she’d have it in her most secluded place safely, for someday, so don’t hesitate!

6. Stick with something small 

Girls value items that are simple, elegant yet beautiful. The days when you gift your girlfriend with thousands of roses or giant teddy bears are long gone. Some may still like it, but that era has passed. They expect gifts that can be preserved for long time, and those that are subtle. So stick with elegant gifts, do not gift her huge portrays nor frames, if it’s not of her taste, she’d surely put it away.

That’s why you should go for jewellery if you’re confused, after all what could go wrong?!

7. Pictures for mature relationships 

You’d eventually arrive to the stage where you’d gifted all of the above, and now it’s time to think fresh again, find a new set of gifting ideas, before you go there, here’s something to consider. The older you get in a relationship, you’d reduce showcasing your love to the world. You live to be loved by your special one. So to cherish that intimacy, you could always get her a picture necklace. Young lovers would find it old fashioned, but it’s sure to impress your partner.

Wrapping Up

The good thing about this is, the gifting can happen both ways on this necklace. If you feel like your girl is running out of ideas for a beautiful anniversary gift for you, send her and let her find the perfect gift for you!

So there you go! Understanding your lover’s mind could be a difficult task, but gifting her the wrong thing can be worse! So learn the art of gifting and you’re safe!!

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