So, you’re either building or just moved into a new home. While the aesthetic may be just what you’re looking for, you also need to consider whether all your utilities work.

Power and water, are, of course, key points, as is having your home wired or equipped for connectivity. But your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems also need ample consideration. Why? Because putting in a boiler more so as this is the core of your home’s heating and hot water systems.

Ten Mistakes You Should Not Make When Buying A New Boiler

Let’s show you ten specific issues you need to avoid when purchasing a new boiler system:

#1: Buying on the Cheap

When it comes to getting a boiler, be sure to pump for quality and durability instead of prices. Your boiler may save you a few hundred pounds today, but it could cost you thousands in the long run in terms of repairs and part replacement.

#2: Buying the Same Model

Come on: the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it principle” does not apply here. Especially for those moving into new homes from a previous residence, what worked in your old home may not necessarily work in the new one.

#3: Not Going in for New Systems

As above, you cannot insist on using an outdated system to heat a modern home. In addition, home inspection authorities now have specific standards when it comes to boilers and heating systems. Therefore, you should get a unit that complies with them.

#4: Not Looking Into Your Vendor or Service Provider Before Making a Purchase

If you don’t know how reliable the shop selling you a boiler is or how well the installation team actually works beforehand, you may find yourself in a lot of hot water. Be sure to look at reviews to see how well they perform or ask friends and family for their recommendations.

#5: Not Doing Your Research

Stumbling blindly into buying a boiler is a no-no. Instead, do some research as to what boiler type you need and your possible options. If you’re looking for a new combi boiler, make sure that you choose which is the best combi boiler in the market today.

#6: Procrastinating on a Purchase

Especially for those who need to replace their boilers or heating systems, putting it off for later will not work. Rule of thumb: wait longer, pay more.

#7: Not Signing Off on the Service Agreement

The service agreement for your new boiler is not a static document. Going over it will inform you when to call the professionals in for periodic maintenance, when to replace parts, and whether you are eligible for discounts on certain services.

#8: Not Listening to Professional Recommendations

Unless you’re an engineer or a professional in the HVAC industry, it does not pay to ignore recommendations for repairs and replacement.

#9: Not Double-checking on the Installation

Even if you get a reliable unit and a thoroughly professional installation or maintenance team, you still need to do a final check on the installation before signing off and paying the bill.

#10: Not Considering the Carbon Footprint

Today’s households need to live more sustainably to protect the environment. So it pays to see whether your boiler can heat spaces and water with as little wastage as possible.

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