Anyone who has been bothered by erectile dysfunction (ED) might be interested in the latest developments in that area, which have made it possible for patients to enjoy a normal, healthy sex life once again. Even in situations where a patient does not respond to non-surgical treatment, or for someone who has been diagnosed with Peyronieโ€™s Disease, modern penile implant technology has advanced to the point where you can once again enjoy a rewarding sex life.

At present, there are two different kinds of penile implants which provide advanced solutions to erectile dysfunction, those being inflatable penile implants and semi-rigid penile implants. If you’re someone who has been troubled with erectile dysfunction and would like to know if this type of treatment can benefit you, continue reading the information below. Once you understand all about the modern advances in this area, you’ll then have to select a penile implant specialist whom you have confidence in to achieve best results.

Penile implants must be emplaced surgically, and that means it requires tremendous skill from a specialist adept in the procedure, so as to reduce the risk of any complications arising from the surgery. One of the most accomplished surgeons in the country for this type of treatment can be contacted at If penile implants are right for you, you’ll have the best chance of success with someone as skilled and knowledgeable as Dr. Mark Solomon.

Inflatable penile implants

This kind of implant is, as its name suggests, an inflatable solution to the dysfunction problem. It provides a very natural feel and is available as either a two-piece or three-piece type of implant, with the three-piece being the one which provides the most natural type of erection. The three-piece implant triggers a firmer erection in the patient, which will then increase the level of pleasure both for the patient and his partner.

An inflatable penile implant is comprised of a saline reservoir, inflatable cylinders, and a pump and release valve. In order to get an erection, it will be necessary to press the pump, which then releases fluid from the reservoir and flows into the cylinders, generating an erection. Following any sexual activity, it will then be necessary to drain the fluid by releasing the scrotum valve, so the fluid can return to the reservoir.

Erections provided by an inflatable penile implant can last for almost any desirable period of time, depending on circumstances. Neither this type of penile implant nor the semi-rigid implant will affect the quality of an orgasm, nor will it impact ejaculation in any way. All penile implants are 100% safe and deliver an extremely high satisfaction rate among patients.

Semi-rigid implants

This particular kind of implant stays firm all the time, and is simply stowed away most of the time, then brought out for sex. Semi-rigid penile implants consist of a pair of flexible rods placed in the shaft of the penis, and held close together by means of several springs that are attached.

Since there are so few moving parts in this type of implant, there is very little chance of anything going wrong or any malfunction occurring. The only drawback to this kind of implant is that some patients are not entirely comfortable with the added pressure exerted on the penis by the implants, which are in a constant semi-rigid state. This can be inconvenient in some ways, and some patients simply are not entirely comfortable with the feeling of that added pressure which gets exerted on the penis.

Can penile implants work for you?

Obviously, it is not possible to know if you can tolerate a penile implant until you actually have one performed on you. For some men, it goes entirely unnoticed until an opportunity for sex arises, but for others who may be more sensitive to the accompanying pressure, it becomes something they’re not willing to deal with.

The best candidates for penile implants are those who are powerfully motivated to restore their sexual health and to enjoy a normal sex life. Whatever your reasons are for considering a penile implant, you should consult with an implant specialist who can appraise you of virtually everything you need to know about the procedure, including the pros and cons.

One thing you’ll notice for certain is that when you have either a semi-rigid or an inflatable implant installed, it can renew the sexual confidence you once had, and it can allow you to have the same sexual vigor you formerly had. If this is something that’s important to you, you should definitely consider having a penile implant installed, so you can get back to the same level of sexual enjoyment you had in your youth.

When you get around to browsing the Internet for specialists to perform the procedure, you would be well advised to begin your search at Dr. Solomon has performed these types of implants for many patients and has enjoyed a high degree of success. For something as important as your sexual health, you donโ€™t want to take any chances, so make sure the procedure is performed by a competent and experienced practitioner.

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