On the way to their respective locations, workplaces, schools, etc., many people use various means of transport. Most commuters take a taxi as it is one of the fastest ways to get to their destination on time. Instead of taking a bus or riding a train, it will reduce travel time by a couple of minutes. Over 2 million taxi-related accidents happen every year in large cities throughout the country based on a survey conducted last 2019. It is common to witness a taxi hits another private vehicle, or a passenger in a taxi crashing down with it. The question remains, how secure are you when taking a cab? Can it guarantee you a safe ride knowing the circumstances it brings?

In this article, weโ€™ve compiled some helpful tips to identify who is liable during a taxi accident.

Use Your Instinct and Act

Due to the effect of cars crashing on each other, everyone who encounters an accident leaves a person stunned and zoned out. On the back of their minds, life flashes back, wondering if they can somehow get out alive. After the accident, it can take a couple of minutes to get your senses back, and your first instinct is to check if all is fine. When you have pulled yourself together, contact the police immediately and let them know about the accident you are in for medical treatment and also to report it.

It is necessary to obtain all the information about the other party involved, from the name of the driver, residential address, driver’s license, car registration, and contact numbers. If you take pictures of the accident from various angles as proof that you’re on the right way, it can also support your claim.

Identify the Cause of the Accident

At any given moment, accidents will occur, regardless of how careful you drive or how vigilant you are when it comes to car safety. From small cases such as cuts and bruises to serious injuries such as broken bones, or even the worst death, it can be classified by its severity. Some of the common reasons why accidents occur are listed below:

  • Distracted driving – This occurs when a driver is driving while talking on the phone, talking to friends, or fixating on something on the road. Distracted driving is not completely focused on street driving and other vehicles.
  • Drowsy driving – this is when the driver is under fatigue and cannot control the sleepy effect on the body.
  • Careless driving – it is where the driver reckless hit the road without even acknowledging the stop signs or obey the traffic laws.
  • Defective vehicle – this is where the vehicle has a lot of issues that affect the carโ€™s performance and might result in an accident.
  • Neglected car care- almost similar to a defective vehicle, the owner intentionally did not have the time to do car care.

As this can be solid evidence that it is the fault of the driver and not yours, these incidents can help you file your lawsuit.

Seek Legal Advice

Calling your lawyer right away and asking for their legal advice is a smart decision to make. According to the legal experts from https://www.davidchristensenlaw.com/detroit-car-accident-lawyer/taxi-accidents/, it is important to consult on what you need to do to file insurance claims. If you are involved in a taxi-related accident in the state of Michigan you will have to coordinate with your own insurance regarding this matter. Since Michigan is a no-fault insurance state, after some kind of car accident, you must first obtain coverage from your own insurance policy.

However, if you do not have car coverage, you might be entitled to file a taxi driver’s or cab company’s insurance claim under Michigan law. No-fault insurance may help cover the medical costs of the driver and passengers and lost wages in the case of a covered accident, irrespective of who is proven to be at fault. This insurance is compulsory in 18 states in the United States, as listed below.

  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky*
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey*
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania*
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington

Make sure to complete requirements to get the payout for medical expenses, lost wages, or property damages expenses. It is really hard to get involved in a vehicle accident. There are numerous procedures to deal with this type of matter and you should be able to manage it easily with the above-mentioned tips.  We hope all these have been helpful!

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