Fresh tuna has a meaty texture that some might compare to beef, but that’s where the similarities end. Fresh tuna is delicious baked, broiled, sauteed, blackened, grilled with a marinade, but it is the best to have raw in the form of sushi. Any way you eat it, you are still retaining all the health benefits of fresh fish.

Bluefin tuna

When you order sushi, you’ll be rewarded with excellent quality bluefin tuna. Top sushi restaurants will feature a slab of bluefin tuna behind a glass. It’s typically cut from the same Bluefin tuna species. The darkest grade is considered lean, the next fatty grade is medium fatty, and the lightest grade is fatty. Fatty bluefin has marbleized streaks throughout it. The top sushi restaurants in the world use Bluefin tuna from the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

The underbelly of Bluefin Tuna was once considered unfit for consumption by the Japanese Samurai, but today, it is the most popular cut in sushi bars. In fact, many of these establishments sell this cut to consumers so they can enjoy its delicate buttery flavor at home. For this reason, bluefin sushi grade tuna is the most expensive sushi item available. But if you want to make sure you’re getting the highest quality sushi, you need to know a few important things.

Yellowfin tuna

You’ve probably heard about Yellowfin sushi grade tuna. This fish is an excellent choice for sushi because it’s a high-quality source of protein and vitamins. It can be served raw, or pan-seared and served over your favorite rice. Whether you’re making a salad or enjoying a raw sushi roll, you’ll love this premium fish. It’s also great for sushi, and it makes delicious toppings for salads.

If you’re looking for the best quality sushi grade, look for a product labeled #1. The appearance, texture, and fat content of #1 tuna will be the best. The second-grade version of Yellowfin tuna is cheaper than #1, but you’ll still get a high-quality product. Look for vacuum-sealed packages with insulation and dry ice. Just make sure to read the use-by date on the label before consuming this tuna!

Yellowfin tuna saku blocks

If you’re a sushi fanatic, you’ll likely be interested in purchasing Yellowfin tuna saku blocks. These sushi grade pieces weigh about half a pound each and are packed individually to prevent spoilage. They should be sold from the freezer section in a seafood case with plenty of ice. This is because cooking the fish will cause it to lose its red color.

Sushi-grade yellowfin tuna saku blocks come from the loins of the fish, commonly known as ahi tuna. These sushi grade blocks are perfect for sashimi, but also taste great seared, broiled, or grilled. The Japanese term for a sushi block is “saku,” and this is what sushi bars use to describe them. They are available in blocks of 10-12 ounces and come with their own packaging and labeling.

Sushi Sushi

At Sushi Sushi you can buy sushi grade tuna that is sure to satisfy your cravings for sushi. This New York City establishment specializes in high grade sushi grade fish. Whether it be tuna, salmon or Hamachi Sushi Sushi has it all available for purchase in ½ pound portions. Buy a piece and take it home to enjoy restaurant quality sushi at home.

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