Studying in Ireland is quite an experience if you are an international student deciding where to pursue your Higher Education. Most Irish Universities rank it to the top, in levels of Quality and Ease comparing to other Colleges in the UK. While the varied selection of higher education institutions are combined with remarkable historical cities, the beautiful countryside and Ireland’s unique culture, the country poses a highly attractive study destination for immigrant students.

However, choosing a university in Ireland might be difficult as we know that the country is divided into two parts. Northern Ireland belongs to the United Kingdom and the rest of the country belongs to the Irish Republic. If you are planning to study in the UK, you can consider the Northern Ireland metro as a choice.

This article concentrates on studying and living in the Republic of Ireland, the lifestyle, the culture and the advantages.

Top Universities in Ireland

Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland | Photo by Stephen Bergin on Unsplash

Trinity College in Dublin is one of the World’s most renowned Universities. Established in 1592, the college is Ireland’s oldest educational institution and one of the seven “ancient universities” in the territory of the UK and Ireland. It’s the only constituent college of the University of Dublin and was modelled after the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge.

University College, Dublin

Based on the lively capital of Dublin, the University College has its roots of the Catholic University of Ireland which was founded in 1854. In 2018, University College Dublin was ranked 168th in the QS World University Rankings.

National University of Ireland, Galway

The National University of Ireland in Galway is one of the top educational institutions in Europe. Founded in 1845, the College is located in the beautiful western coast of Galway. The National University of Ireland hosts up to 2000 International Students, showcasing a familiar environment for students of different nations.

University College, Cork

The next highest-ranked Irish higher education institute at joint 283rd in the world is University College, Cork. The college was renamed in 1998 as National University of Ireland, Cork but it’s widely known for its initial name, University College, Cork. In 2010, the College was the very first University in the world to receive the International Green Flag for Environmental Sustainability.

Advantages of Studying in Ireland

Studying in Ireland is simply a wonderful experience. Not only you get to learn in some of the world’s top most renowned universities, you get to experience unique cultures as well. Let’s look at the key pros of studying in Ireland.


When you’re surrounded by friendly people, Learning becomes much more interesting. In 2010, Lonely Planet named Ireland as ‘The Friendliest Country in the World’. Also, The Global Peace Index ranked Ireland as the 13th of the 158 nations worldwide for peace and harmony.

Familiarity with Language

Apart from studying in the USA and UK, other Universities worldwide require knowledge of their respective native languages. Studying in Ireland doesn’t require any sort. Although the language accent is difficult for foreigners to understand, the language is the same and the course syllabuses are conducted in English.

Global companies to work for

Ireland is the European hub to over 1,000 leading multinational companies who require skilled, educated and highly capable workforce to establish their success in Ireland. Ireland is currently attracting a number of Foreign Direct Investors making it the second most attractive country for FDI after Singapore.

Innovative and Creative Culture

When it comes to Innovative and Creative cultures, Ireland stays right on top. In terms of Technological developments, scientific revelations, aesthetic discoveries and Literature, Irish have been proving their talent for years and they continue to do so. With a rich history of thousand years and more, the Culture of Ireland is an amazing aspect to the experience. Great Musicians, Literates, Writers and even Great Businessmen were born in Ireland. Providing opportunities for locals as well as foreign students, Ireland is the ideal place to experience the British Culture.

Living in Ireland

When it comes to studying and living in Ireland, the cost could be quite difficult to afford for some international students as accommodation expenses are relatively high and the Visa process could be complicating. However, if you are on a Scholarship or currently living in Ireland the process would be simple.

Studying in Ireland is simply amazing! Are you planning to study in Ireland? Take your opportunity to experience all the wonderful aspects in the beautiful country.

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