Would you like to study Certified Management Accountancy online?
  1. Log on to our website glocalets.wordpress.com
  2. Check our Online Courses page and choose your preferred course
  3. Then go to Registration page and fill up your information and press Submit
  4. You will get a Confirmation email with payment details to your email you provided us within 24 hours
  5. Make the payment to given Bank Account, email us the image of your pay slip and requested documents. Payment once made will not be refunded at any circumstance
  6. You will then be given your Login details for our Online Portal
  7. Now you start to study with us
  8. You will have access to our Chapter wise Subject Notes and Practice Questions
  9. Individual feedback on practice questions and past papers will be provided if requested (subject to an additional fee)
  10. You can email us your doubts and queries on subjects and we will clarify within 2 days

Fee Structure (for Foundation Level โ€“ duration 6 months) โ€‹

โ€‹Online Course Fee per subject
Rs. 1500 only
โ€‹Individual feedback on practice questions
Free โ€‹
Individual feedback on past papers
โ€‹Rs. 300 per paper

This is our Introductory Package. โ€‹

You are extremely lucky to experience our Premium service at a Discounted Price.
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