According to a new survey conducted in honour of World Oral Health Day, not-so-white teeth embarrass more than two-thirds of people. Twenty-seven per cent say that yellow stains are the main reason they do not want to smile. Theย most effective whitening method for transforming your smile includes common stains and at-home and in-office options.ย 

The stubborn Teeth Stains

The usual suspects of yellowed, discoloured teeth are likely red wine, tea, and coffee. However, many elements in one’s lifestyle and genes can contribute to discolouration, making its origins far more nuanced and complicated than you might expect. 

To give you the most effective method of tooth whitening, experienced dental professionals will first perform a complete examination on your teeth to identify the root cause of the discolouration. You can trust these dentists since they have seen every form of tooth stain numerous times.

Natural Solutions for Discoloured Teeth

If you want the truth about Do It Yourself whitening procedures, here is what you need to know:

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for discoloured teeth

The most fundamental of the home cures for teeth whitening is old-fashioned baking soda. As a mild abrasive, baking soda is commonly incorporated in whitening solutions, and it undoubtedly possesses some natural whitening effects as well.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can be mixed to form a whitening paste, although it is not recommended. Hydrogen peroxide, mainly when used for an extended period without supervision, can be hazardous; when coupled with baking soda, it can cause enamel to deteriorate and increase sensitivity.

Carbon-based bristles and pastes

Activated charcoal-based whitening creams may be all the rage in supermarkets, but they are not without drawbacks. Although charcoal brushes and pastes can reduce minor surface stains, they have little effect on intrinsic stains.

Charcoal-infused toothpaste could cause more harm than good if used as a substitute for high-quality, fluoridated toothpaste. As with baking soda pastes, chronic use of charcoal products may enhance sensitivity owing to enamel loss and cause inflammation and discolouration surrounding gums and teeth.

Home whitening kits to brighten your smile

While it is true that at-home whitening kits can help with some types of extrinsic stains, it is essential to remember that their quantities of bleaching agents are far lower than those found in dentist-administered in-office procedures. Over-the-counter bleaching kits are not as effective as those provided by a cosmetic dentist, and they also lack the custom-fitted trays used by dentists, which can irritate the gums and lips.

However, prefilled whitening trays, available from your local dentist and used in the comfort of your home, are great for touch-ups between several dental visits and for maintaining your newly whitened smile.


Always go for dentists who have perfected the art of whitening teeth. Are you looking to make a good impression with a whiter, brighter smile? Then you should be keen to learn more about bleaching and whitening your teeth by consulting with the best dentists.

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