Sports or physical activities that involve both mind and body help to develop a good character. Sports can play a vital role in one’s life.

In the modern world, people act like machines in their life. Some people rarely use their mind while others use the body. Yet, sports require different intellectual abilities and physical abilities. There is no age limit for sports and different types of sports help people to choose according to their interest. Sports help a person to be healthy and develop a good character.A person who is involved in sports has lot of benefits;

  • Able to control the weight
  • Maintain a good level of blood pressure
  • Able to stay healthy and be disciplined
  • Able think in a creative and innovative way
  • Boost self-confidence and other self-esteem
  • Relief from stress and depression

The above mentioned benefits could be useful to a person in their daily routine which makes them mentally and physically active. It will make their day look better. People tend to face different problems in life. For example;

  1. A businessman has a busy life. They rarely enjoy their life and suffer from different kinds of problems such as stress but practice of sports can help him/her to reduce those problems.
  2. A student can involve in sports so that he/she can concentrate well on studies and stay away from health problems.

According to Professor Ian Henry, director of the Centre for Olympic Studies and Research at Loughborough University, having an outlet of interest other than sport helps athletes “to put their training and performance into perspective, allowing them to deal more effectively with the challenges of sport, including setbacks and injury”.

“Swimming has helped me. The pool is one of my safe places now and I go twice a week. It means that I’m tired at the end of the day so I can sleep much better, and I feel happier about my body.

​A person should enjoy in his/her life rather than suffering from problems. Therefore, let’s have a practice of sport as we can be physically and mentally active. It will definitely drive away most of our problems.

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